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Thread: Ghost Online Review

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    Post Ghost Online Review

    This review is based purely on my experience in GO, so please don't flame me if you disagree.

    Graphics 9/10
    Stylish 2D graphics with 3D backgrounds. You could say its on par with Maplestory or even better (Yea, the heads are propertionate to the body). Varied in colours and very detailed. (Snow falling then appearing on floor) Only downside is you may need glasses to see clearer as its kinda small. (Depends on resolution)

    Sound: 9/10
    Very varied. Every little thing you do there will be sound (Jumping, slashing and cries of monsters). BGM seems a little repeative but still varied in different regions.

    Gameplay: 8/10
    Fast paced. (In movements) Decent quests like delivering and such but do expect some of kill-a-amount-of-monsters-and-get-back-to-me quests. There is PVP and I think that's one of the more outstanding feature for this game. Still, like all others you WILL be doing lots of grinding.

    Community: ?/10
    Can't really rate on this as closed beta just started. Let's hope we don't get the kids in Maple.

    Overall Rating 9/10
    If you like 2D sidescrollers you would definitely enjoy this one. May experience some lag issues as its a MY version. Maybe wait till international is out from netgame. (I don't experience lag cause I am from Singapore)

    Btw, my IGN: Wrecked
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    Yea, that's it. I think really small kids can't go intro beacuse its too scary for them I uploaded intro to youtube:
    Im something.

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