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    Default GO Error...

    Everytime i dubble click the icon, it gos to the patch thing. Then i press start and the thing goes away. in like 4 secs. ill get an error that says "Send error report" or "Dont send"....What can i do to fix this!?!?! I really want to play. Ive installed/unstalled 3 times updated my grahpics card and direct X....whats left to do? any help would be nice

    O and merry christmas to all!

    Bump sorry i just really want help...my bro can run it and i have a better computer and i cant run it...


    EDIT::::Fixed it =]! I needed to update this one file in the system called dinput8.dll
    I found it on google the first site and was a free download. I downloaded it and put it into my folder and now works PERFECTLY fine! Well MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
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