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Thread: street racing rp

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    Default street racing rp

    its easy...
    you start with 20 grand ($20,000)in your pocket.
    then you pick a car under 20 grand(has to be real.

    an upgrade for your car cost 1 grand($1,000-wich includes engine,paint,body kit,ect.)

    if you win a race you earn 2 grand ,for every 3 races you win you get a new upgrade for your
    car post you info like this...

    Name: Damian
    Car:87 monte carlo(it can be a motorcycle,truck,old school,ect)

    ill let the you create the story...
    oh...and if you want to challenge some one just call them out.
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    (( This type of RP style does not work, I will be upholding the rules PROPERLY, please pm me if you have a problem. ))

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