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    Default Gunz Information

    The website is:
    To get to download, push International and go to the bottom of the page.

    It is down there. To register, go to the top right corner and push join in.

    Q: Is this game free?
    A: Yes it is free for ever!

    Q: What type of game is this?
    A: It is a FPS MUD

    Q:FPS MUD?
    A: It means First Person Shooting Multiple Dungeons. It is smaller then a MMORPG. This game has rooms ranging from 8 to 16 members. If you ever played gun bound or American Army it is sort of like that in rooms. Further more it is really a 3rd person shooting but we consider it a First person because that is what the genre title is.

    What are the requirements to play?

    Minimum Requirements: Pentium 3 800Mhz or higher, Riva TNT or faster Direct3D compatible video card, Windows Sound System Compatible Audio Card

    Recommended Requirements: Pentium 4 1.4Ghz or higher, GeForce 4 MX or faster video card, Direct3DSound Compatible Audio Card

    Q: How do I play?
    A: read this post

    Q: I heard about Quests are they out?
    A: No, quests are not out, they will be out in international in November hopefully.

    Q: I see lots of people with cool looking equipment how do I get it?
    A: Well you must get money which in this game is bounty, you get bounty from killing people. Once you get enough bounty you can go to the store and buy the item you want. But beware there are level requirements.

    Q: I keep getting disconnected from the server, what should I do?
    A: Well it means either you have a bad connection, or the game is just over flooded. There are other cases but these are the most common. Make sure you have the most up to date drivers and microsoft updates to ensure good gaming.

    Q: Is this game fun?
    A: Well we got over 4000 posts from happy fans in the first 4 days, I would say that from it self shows it's fun. But if you don't believe that just try the game out. It is only 150mb and a quick download.

    Q: You explained to me that others think it's fun but can you go into more debth?
    A: Of coarse I can, This game is not your average Shooting game, this is because you are not in first person mode it is third person mode, which makes the usual RPGer fan very happy, the game is also very fast pasted and never the same. So for those who like FPS or RPG games they will love this game.

    Q: What are the different weapons and uses?
    A: Well there is a member on our forums that made a lovely guide on this, here it is.

    Single guns- They have more accuracy then using 2 But do half the damage. Use 1 uzi if you want more accuracy.. But One handgun is sort of pointless in my eyes since two of them have good aim.

    Dual- More damage, less aim. See above.

    Handguns- Starting off i do NOT recommend this, Dual of not. You need accuracy to use these and they have limited ammo.. I know they have a coolness factor to them. But use these when you get the hang of shooting since they canr eally hurt later on.

    Uzis- The best thing for newbs and can hurt like hell close up. They have less aim then a rifle, so I would suggest that instead. But if you use the dagger method( See under dagger) go nuts and kill alot.

    Shotgun- When you see them in the shop, the damage is PER SHELL. They fire around 8 shells per shot, and if they nearly all hit they can nearly kill someone. I think its one of the best weapons since even if your aimer isent on someone, A few may still hit. Some people hate shotguns.

    Rifle- Its like a uzi but more accurate, Has pretty good ammo but bring along pistols just in case you run out. Good for long range shooting. Too bad the first one is sort of bad.

    Rocket launchers- They do alot of damage, and splash to damage people around it. Low ammo, but if you can get good hits it can be your favorite. It increases your weight alot and decreases speed.. And you cant climb walls.

    Machine gun- I havent used one yet.. But I assume it will be like this. Horrible accuracy. But with THAT much ammo, who needs it? Super fast shooting. and like the R.launcher, Speed and no wall climbing. Weighs quite abit.


    Dagger- weak and doesnt have a combo. Just stabbing. Mainly used for its dash stab.. I guess you could call it. It goes like this.. You run up to someone and right click. Once they fall onto the ground andand going to get up. Switch to Uzi, dual handguns, shotgun. Whatever. And just shoot them while they are down. People HATE this and you will get yelled at, I hate this. SIDE NOTE: daggers cant perfect gaurd.

    Sword- It has more attacking then dual swords but is slightly slower. I dont know for sure but I think the combo is less too. It can also be used for the dagger technique, but again.. People dont like you and its hard to do if you dont do it alot. Swords can also perfect quard.. Hold shift and you deflect bullets. This can be used to block sword attacks and then they have a chance to be temp stunned and you get a power attack. Use this ALOT during gladiator games because it will save you.

    Dual Swords- Has a coolness factor and is similiar to swords but faster and less damage.. Reads swords for more info.


    Smoke bomb- Can be used to break up team and use for raiding attacks.

    Grenade- Blows stuff up, has good damage and not really alot. Use in crowds or with campers.

    Flash grenade- Temp stuns and blinds. After being blinded their vision is messed. I recomend using normal grenades instead of these but try em out if you want.

    This will be updated as people give more information.
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