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    Default Known Bugs


    1 - [Tutorial] : When you try to go to the next portal the game crashes.
    Temporary Solution: Restart the client.


    1 - [Quest] Heriloom of Blacksmith : It seems that the monster R2D2 doesn't exist.
    - It's the quest with the broken sword
    Solution: The monster exists. It's this monster: CLICK

    2 - [Quest] Blood Fury : Need to kill 20 Lao Kok Kok. Monster doesn't exist?
    - It's the quest for the 23lvl Warrior skill
    Solution: The monster exists. It's this monster: CLICK

    3 - [Quest] Assassin Quest : (Some bug with looking for apprentice?)

    4 - [Quest] Hao Mo : Quests for lvls 35 and 36 do not work.


    1 - [NPC] Dong Gwa : It seems that the NPC is not responding after first visit.
    - That's the NPC in the mountains in the Hidden par of Klang Valley.

    2 - [NPC] Ayerhitam : Seems the NPCs in Ayerhitam aren't working as of yet besides Armor, Doctor, Book keeper and Blacksmith.


    1 - [Bug] Double Shot : Does not Always hit twice.

    2 - [Bug] Envenom : Doesn't always hits, apparently it hits whenever it feels like it.

    3 - [Bug] Double Slash : Doesn't always double slash either.

    4 - [Bug] Klang Valley - Hidden Map : I was exploring near Klang Valley and went into a hidden map. The bug char got naked.

    5 - [Bug] Gold : Picked up 200 gold. But the game gave 0 gold. In the Hidden S. Buloh [1].

    6 - [Bug] Invisible : Don't work in PK.
    - maybe supposed to do so

    7 - [Bug] S Gate Hospital : Teleported from the House and repeatly falling from top to bottom. Screenshot


    1 - [Item] Sealed Beads : Has 0% succes rate?
    Solution: Nope, it works.
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