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    Default The GO Guru(This is a FAQ. Read here first!)

    If you have a question post it in the form of "Q: Question goes here?"
    Please read the faq, or do "Edit->Find On This Page" before posting a question. I do not want to post the same question more than once, and it's easier for us to respond to questions that have not been answered yet. Thank you.

    If you have a question about GO, any question at all, ask and I will do my best to answer it, then edit it into my first post so that others may have the answers. If I am unable to answer a question I am sure there are others suitable for the job. Let's begin!

    Q: What is the Ghost Online website?
    A: The site works better with Internet Explorer.

    Q: How many classes are there?
    A: There are three, a warrior, assassin, and a taoist(mage).

    Q: What level is required for first job?
    A: You must be level ten before talking to your instructor. Second job is at level 40.

    Q: What kind of weapons are there in the game?
    A: For assassin there is a glove(range) and a claw(close-combat). For a taoist there is a fan(Ma atk+) and staff(Ma Atk-, physical atk+). For warriors there are swords(Faster) and blades(More physical atk).

    Q: Where are the job instructors located?
    A: The assassin instructor is found at Sentosa Field 6, which you can reach by heading one map east of East Sentosa. The taoist instructor can be found at Klang Valley 3, which you can reach by taking the most right portal at North Sentosa. The warrior instructor is found at Sentosa Field 2, which is east of East Sentosa.

    Q: What is the bar under the sp bar for?
    A: That is Rage/Soul Demon which can be activated by pressing shift when it is 100% filled up. You must have a class to use it, and it boosts up your Atk, Ma Atk, and Def.

    What is Soul Fusion?
    A: You know that second equip menu where you have boxes and other items that you may have found. Those are for upgrading your weapons and armor. First you fill up one of the items to 100% by absorbing purple souls from monsters. Then you go to the bookstore, buy a scroll that relates to the sealed item (ex. box scroll for box). Then you click on Soul Fusion at the bookstore, place a sealed item, scroll, and quipment and click fuse. Here is how the chart is displayed.

    lvl 10 Box: 100% +1 atk or 2 def.
    lvl 9 Ring: 90% +2 atk or 4 def.
    Lvl 8 Necklace: 80% +3 atk or 6 def.
    Lvl 7 Mirror: 70% + 4 atk or 8 def.
    Lvl 6 Beads: 60% + 5 atk or 10 def.
    Lvl 5 Talisman: 50% + 6 atk or 12 def.
    Lvl 4 Gourd: 40% + 7 atk or 14 def.
    Lvl 3 Orb: 30% + 8 atk or 16 def.
    Lvl 2 Stone: 20% + 9 atk or 18 def.
    Lvl 1 Charm: 10% 10 atk or 20 def.

    Q: What is Soul Transfering?
    A: You can do it at the bookstore. You take one sealed item and transfer all of the souls in it to another sealed item. If the item is at 100% it might not necesserily fill up the other item. It only transfers what it can hold. The item that loses the souls is destroyed afterwards.

    Q: What stats to raise for Sword Warrior?
    A: Well, let's see. The most important stat for a warrior is str. The next is vit. So your best bet is to go 3:1 str:vit. Some choose to alternate between all str one level and the next level 3:1. It's really your choice. Never hurts to have a little defense though.

    Q: Which weapon is more defensive?
    A: I don't really understand your question. None of the weapons have defense to them. And guarding really depends on your vitality/defense if anything. No matter what weapon you equip, it won't raise your defense.

    Q: Is it worth to get the most expensive throwing stars?
    A: If you have the money to waste on pots and expensive stars, then go ahead. It's always useful to do more damage. However it is probably best to stick to what you find. You'll find alot of stars in your next few training camps.

    Q: Where should I level my 16 glove thief?
    A: As for your training spot you should probably stop leveling at Mr Lompat, and move on to Cap Payungs and Kampung Eggies. You can find them in the first few maps of North Sentosa Plains(Best training spot for them).Until about level 18 you should train at first two maps of North Sentosa Plains. Then at 18 or 19 move on to the next maps where you will find Matas(Evil priest looking monsters) and Ah Doinks(Zombie looking monsters). "haha, don't mean to intrude on your "guruness" DarkEssence but i can't resist a question especially about a glove sin. For a training spot, i personally went to north sentosa plains 5. in that map there is a big destroyed wooden structure really early on in the map. if you press down on it you will be in a room with those eggies and mata. if you keep ranged, you will be able to destroy them easily and level fast. And you don't need the more powerful stars. Even though the few K might not chop off a lot from you now, if you keep buying it'll eventually turn into a huge number, rely on drops ENTIRELY, and ask other people for donations. Stars mostly just take up people's inventory space and they would be glad to get it out of there. As for leveling in the future, that secret spot should serve you well for 16 and 17. at level 18 once you get double shot, i suggest going straight to ah doinks and r2d2's in the next map of the hidden zone. that should suffice till level 22. at level 22 you can go to titiwangsa and train on pirates of the currybean and turtles, just wathc yourself- they own. i leveled there till level 30 and i still lv there."

    Q: How much can you upgrade equipment?
    A: Equipments can be upgraded 10 times each(Whether they succeed or fail). If it didn't do anything then that means it failed. Mirrors have 70% succeeding and necklaces have 80%.

    Q: For sword warriors, can you list like a leveling guide from level 10 on?
    also what are combat strategies for warriors? do i just keep pressing attack or do i jump around or what?
    and what lvl equipment do you recommend to start upgrading with?
    A: There are many different stat builds you can follow. I'll tell them to you can you can see wich one you like best. The most common one is the 3 str to 1 vit build. you will deal nice damage and the damage you take will be minimal as well. Though you won't be extremely powerful with this build, you will be just about average. Another build is the 2 str to 2 vit build. You will be absolutely untouchable. pretty much everything will do 1 damage on you, however, you will be dealing low numbers and require more time to level up- this is the ultimate tanker build. A build i've heard of is 2 str, 1 dex, 1 vit. the dexterity helps with hitting critical hits which is a little + for warriors since criticals deal nice damage. Now, my personal favorite is a 4 str build- pure str. with this build, you will be dealing 120-130 damage(depending on what monster you're killing) at level 13. It is true though that you will be taking as much damage as a sin does. For the 3 str, 1 vit, 2 str, 2 vit, and 2 str, 1 dex, 1 vit builds, you do not need to upgrade at all until level 20. for the pure str build, you should upgrade your armor to at least +10 using BOXES and RINGS. save your mirrors for level 30 equips.

    For attacking, it's best that you keep your feet on the ground and slash. do not spam the space bar, but rather TIME your hits and know your delay time. if you do consistantly on time hits, monsters will be unable to land any special moves on you (like mr. lompat's claw attack).

    Here's a little list of training spots i found helpful in my days

    Sungai Wang 8
    North Sentosa Plains 5
    The Secret map linking to North Sentosa Plains 5 (the warp is on a big wood structure)
    The map AFTER the secret map mentioned above, training on ah doinks and r2d2s
    Sungai Buloh 1 and 2 (right next to Titiwangsa, a town on the next area)

    Q: Do you know how long the freaking snake is?
    A: Around 8 maps.

    Q: What class does the most damage close range?
    A: Pure STR warrior do alot more damage than any class close range.

    Q: What is the spawn rate for pig lords?
    A: 5-10 minutes.

    Q: Dong Gwas quests, and the Asen city ones?
    A: Dong Gwa's quest has been fixed as of January 22nd.

    Q: What is the skill build for assassin?
    A: For a glove assassin you should deffinetly master "Range Mastery" because free damage is always useful. I think doubleshot is also a must to master, but not right away. Seeing as how it uses up alot of mp you should probably get it to 5 or 10 first then save points to master it later. I've also heard that envenom is also very useful, but mostly in PvP. So don't max it but deffinetly get some points in it. Evasion is really useful because you get to dodge magical attacks from monsters, which usually do more damage anyways. So try to get some points in that. So really you need to master DS and Mastery, after that it's really your decision.

    Q: For warrior, should i max my sword mastery first and not put points in any other skill? what do i max next after sword mastery?
    how often should i use aoe attacks when training? all the time?
    A: Yes sword master to 20 ASAP. Then you should work some points into double slash (since that's a relaly good aoe skill). and since swordies attack fast naturally, there's no point in using AoE skills if you're fighting 1 on 1 with something. Use those AoEs when there's actually an area to affect. If there's a mob, AoE will help you get out of tough situations where you might actually die.

    Q: Strength or Dex for a claw assasin?
    A: You need both, dex for max atk dmg and str for min atk

    Q: Do the stats reset after job lvl 10?
    A: Yes after you change jobs at ten, the stats reset.

    Q: By adding STR your HP will increase, will the increased HP stay after the lvl 10 stat reset?
    A: No, your STR will go back to , and your hp will go back to what it's supposed to be.

    Q: What is the stat ability and skill build for any magician?
    A: You should go all int untill lvl 20, then start putting 3:1 every other lvl. If you die alot you can start putting in vit earlier, but it depends on if you need it or not. As for skills Max Mastery, then get frozen land maxed, because it's a good crowd control skill. Teleport and arrow are also useful, but you may not want to max those. Maybe half way. Other than that it's up to you.

    Q: Should i up penetrate(the skill for glove sin)???
    A: You need DS and envenum, they're really good pvp skills, and not too bad for pve. What you need to do is get all the skills and see which you like the most, and which are suited the most to your playing abilities. Then you can spend points on what you need.

    Q: What are the skills for lvl1-10?
    A: Well, while you are a peasant, max out run at lvl 5, max out high jump at lvl 10 and get meditation to 6. That is for the first 10 levels. Also at lvl 10 your stats reset. I have never been warrior so I can't help you there. People say pure str or alot of str with little vit is a good warrior build. For a sin it's better to have 8 med and jump. For a taoist it's better to have 14 med and 6 jump, and leave run at 1.

    Q: Does anybody know whether fusioning upgrades magic attack for taoists?
    A: Yup, Ma Atk for weapons and Def for armor.

    Q: How do you level fast in level 1-10?
    A: That place dissapeared in Open Beta, and leveling to ten has now become harder. I suggest just grinding at Sentosa plains 6. For the first 4-5 levels just kill the flames and Tua Toas, green cyclops. Then at 4 or 5 go to the next map and train on Rocks and Plants. That should get you to 10 pretty fast.

    Q: Dark Orb City East, is it Ayer Hitam City? And what about Dong Hwa?
    A: Well in Closed Beta, the desciple quest was directed towards Ayer Hitam, so I'm guessing they are the same city, but I could be wrong. As for Dong Hwa, the quest is still broken.

    Q: What stats do I need for claw assassin?
    A: You need dex and str. Probably best to do 3:1. Although I've heard that going all dex is pretty good too.

    Q: What are the skills for claw assassin?
    A: For a claw assassin, you absolutely must get claw mastery to 20 before you touch anything else. Never, and i mean NEVER level up upper cut. Dash strike lv 1 does more damage and to 3 monsters at the same time. Just use normal slashes in between your dash strikes. It's not worth it paying 11 mp for a hit that does the same damage as a normal one, and putting 4 points into it will probably only increase its atk power by 20-30. As for dash strike, it's going to be your main leveling skill for a long ass time. I suggest getting it to lv 5, then getting it to 10, then saving until level 35+ when you have more mp. Also you should be saving up for evasion then, since you will be up close in person, the only threat you have is the chance of getting hit by a magic attack (unless of course you take 1 step too many and ram your face into the monster). and since you won't be touching upper cut, you should maybe boost envenom up to lv 5 or 10 (i kept mine at 5 and it was perfectly fine) and then save up points for when they add the level 40 and 50 skills (i sure hope those are attack skills, i don't want an endless stream of buffs =O)

    Q: Where is the NPC "Doctor" located?
    A: East Sentosa Gate, to the right side in the potionss shop.

    Q: How do I locate players?
    A: As of right now, you can't. Try adding a lot of people to friends, that way you'll know if they are online, and then whisper/message them.

    Q: Theres a thing on the site in game guide called school but its not working what is it?
    A: The closest thing to school that I know about is the curent event. If you get to level 20 you get two dishes that raise attack power and magic attack power. If you get to 40 you get 10 of each dish but this time they last for over 1900 seconds instead of 900.

    Q: Im almost lvl 10 and i was wondering what class is really fun that will keep me playing this game for a LONG time??
    A: This is exretemly opinionated. I can't tell you what class might be fun for you, but for me it's always been a mage. I love ranged classes, that have awesome spells. The reason I don't like assassins is because their gloves pretty much all look the same.

    Q: Which class has the most awesome skills?
    A: Also opinionated, you have to go look at some videos and decide for yourself.

    Q: Where can I see movies of different classes?
    A: The best place to try is Just search for Ghost Online, or specific characters. You can also try fansite forums, such as

    Q: What's the Chaos/Order thing?
    A: It's your second job I believe. You choose either good or evil(Chaos or Order).

    Q: How many enemies can Double Dash/Dash Strike/Fire/Ice Arrow/Frozen Land hit?
    A: Double Dash can hit up to three enemies. Dash Strike can hit up to three enemies. Fire and Ice arrow can hit up to one each. Frozen land can hit up to four enemies, or hit one enemy four times, or two enemies two times each.

    Q: What is the difference between claws and gloves?
    A: Claws are close-combat and gloves are ranged.

    Q: Where do I get the quest about the Crystal River?
    A: It's actually the quest found at Sungai Wang 4, talk to the guide.

    Q: Isn't it better to max out Penetrator before DS because it hits more targets?
    A: Well yes it hits more targets, but when maxed it only does 190% damage while DS does 330% damage. So you decide if you want to do 190% damage to 1-4 targets, or 330% to 1-2 targets.

    Q: How much meditation should a Taoist have?
    A: Well you need at least 6 jump so that you can reach certain places. That leaves you with 14 meditation if you put the remaining points into it. It never hurts to have high meditation. It helps during PVE and PVP.

    Does anyone play ch x?
    A: You can use all of your characters on any and every channel. Dragon is the server, so whenever they make another server you will be able to use your current characters on Dragon server, but on any channel you wish. It's similar to Maple Story.

    Q: I'm level 13 and I haven't recieved any new skills, is there some way of obatining them?
    A: You have to vist your job instructor and complete a task for him/her to learn your skill.

    I can't register my ID, it says to check it but the pop up won't come up. Help?
    A: Make sure you are using Inter Explorer, and that your pop ups are enabled. If you get a weird error make sure that you don't use capitals in the MRIC and that in address you include city, state, and zip.

    Q: My client says that I have Exe.Game file missing, what should I do?
    A: First go check in the folder and make sure it's there. You need to make sure it didn't get moved somehow. Then try to redownload the game, or contact the administrators at

    Q: What level of meditate should a glove assasn get?
    A: For a sin it's best to have 5 run, 10 jump, and 6 med.

    Q: How do I upload a screenshot on OnRPG?
    A: Step 1) Go to
    Step 2) Click upload and find your screenshot and upload it.
    Step 3) Scroll to the bottom where it says direct link and copy it.
    Step 4) Click on Post Reply at OnRPG
    Step 5) Click on the button above the text box that is yellow and has 2 mountains on it.
    Step 5 In the text box type [IMG]Paste your url here[/IMG]

    Q: If High Jump is not pumped to Max, does it mean we cannot go past the 'snake' area?
    A: No you only need 6 High Jump to get to the den.

    Q: How does different baits affect your catch?
    A: As far as I can tell from fishing and logic, it effects the quality of the fish. Basically what type of fish and what level they would possibly be. I always fish with anchovy.

    Q: Which fishes do you suggest we sell and what do we not sell?
    A: I sell all of my fishes, except the ones that say Sealed. I don't know their use yet, but I intend to find out. You should sell all of the ETC fishes, and most of the uses unless you need some of them for potions. In my opinion it's better to just sell them all, other than the sealed one.

    Q: I heard that you can cook Fishes. Is it advisable to do that and does it increase its value?
    A: Cooking is to make food for pets. Pets aren't out yet, so therefore it's useless.

    Q: When is the Global Version of Ghost Online coming out?
    A: There are no announcements about it yet, but the rumor is sometime in April.

    Q: What are the different soul colors and what do they do?
    A: Purple Souls = They fill up your sealed equipment.
    Red Souls = They fill up your rage bar.
    Blue Souls = They restore 20% of your sp.
    Green Souls = They restore 40% of your sp.

    Q: What affects how much rage brings up stats?
    A: It varies based on stats. Rage adds a certain % of damage and def from your current damage and def. I'm not sure what that % is though.

    Q: How is experience determined from monsters?
    A: The lower level you are the more exp you will get from higher level monsters. Also exp varies on parties. So depending how many party members you have the exp you get from a monster may vary between 1-5, not counting the +x that follows.

    Q: When do Taiosts start picking up.
    A: They start to get fun as soon as you get fire arrow.

    Q: Any idea what skills to pump for blader and what skill levels to save points?
    A: Blade Mastery to max. I'm really not sure for other skills, but I know you probably need blood fury, and stun/might slash. After you get a skill to lvl 5 save until you get 5 more, so you can get it to 10. Because the sp doubles at 6/11/16.

    Q: How do I make a weapon glow?
    A: Fuse it to have +21 or more attack. There's also another glow if you get it to 40 attack, but I don't think that works in open beta.

    Q: And what class has the most players?
    A: Well on ch 1, I tend to see more sins than any other class, but there are so many players that i's kind of hard to keep track.

    Q: Is the Rage/Demon thing temporary or permanant?
    A: It is temporary.

    Q: Is there such thing as *************** in this game?
    A: Yeah there is. When you're in a party and relatively close to the map that the person is leveling on, you will get exp every time they kill a monster, and added exp to every time you kill a monster.

    Q: Do blade warriors have different skills than sword warriors?
    A: Yeah, bladers have stun and single enemy skills, while swords focus on AoE.

    Q: Can the monsters and people hit you when invisible?
    A: No you can't be hit, but it also can't be used in PvP. Also running doesn't waste mp when invisible. As soon as you attack you cancel out invisibility.

    Q: Is evasion useless?
    A: Actually, on the contrary, it's very useful. Evasion helps you to dodge ranged attacks, which is what all of the hard monsters use anyways.

    Q: How long does rage last?
    A: About a minute.

    Q: Are envenom and dexotify useful?
    A: Envenom is good for PvP, and dexotify is pretty much useless.

    Q: Is it possible to switch from order ro chaos or the other way around?
    A: No, it is not.

    Q: Guilds? Care to explain about them?
    A: To be a elader you have to be level 40, with an occupation, and rank 40. You have to have chosen order or chaos, have 5 million gold, and do the guild quest. To join a guild you have to be at least 10 with an occupation. The guilds can only hold 20 people.

    Q: Are pets out yet?
    A: No, they are not.

    Q: What will they be able to do?
    A: I've heard that they can attack enemies, and they can die as well, so you need to make food for them using fish. I believe they aren't cash shop items, but I am not sure.

    Please read the faq, or do "Edit->Find On This Page" before posting a question. I do not want to post the same question more than once, and it's easier for us to respond to questions that have not been answered yet. Thank you.
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