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Thread: Guild Recruitment - Official post

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    Default Lova and War on Cho'gall

    Love and War of Cho'gall is currently recruiting to fill our raiding team and transition from 10 man content to 25 man content. We currently field two Karazhan teams, and run Gruul's Lair with a friendly guild. We run heroics together frequently and enjoy a fun, friendly, social atmosphere that is pleasantly drama-free.

    We are currently looking for a couple more healers, maybe another tank, and some DPS (warlocks and shaman get preference) to help us get over the hump and transition to bigger and better things. Leadership has some experience in TK/SSC, and we are looking for others who are familiar with what you need to do to be a successful raiding teammate (theorycrafters, min/max attitude, research friendly, coming prepared to every raid you attend, etc.).

    Please be friendly, mature, drama-free, skilled, and willing to never quit striving to improve your gameplay. We vastly prefer 18+ *active* players who we can count on to develop our core raiding team.

    Our schedule is currently Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8PM server (CST) to around midnight, but we're having a guild meeting on Wednesday to possibly tweak that depending on what our people want to do. Preferably when the roster is set to progress through 25 man content we will be adding another night to the mix and just running Kara/ZA on offnights when we have 8-10 interested people.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. You can look for myself, Children, Shamyia, or Huntsaimoib in game, or you can stop by and fill out an application if you prefer.

    Good luck, and happy gaming!


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    Default Blackrock Ftw!!!

    If anyone is in blackrock join my guild Tranquility, we are more of a social guild more than anything , we raid kara, but mostly just passing time until WotLK
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    Default Horde US-Eldre'Thalas hyjal and BT guild LF hardcore raiders

    Guild Name: Blue Moo
    Server: Eldre Thlas (PvE) EST
    Raid Times: Monday - Friday 7-10 EST and Sunday 7-10 EST
    Off Nights: Saturday

    Blue Moo is an end game progression based guild. We take raiding seriously but like to joke around and have a good time also.

    Recruiting the following Classes:

    1x Holy Priest and Shadow Priest
    1x Protection Warrior
    2x Resto Shaman
    1x Resto Druids

    We typically go into a new encounter and down the boss within 3-5 tries. We move at a quick pace through new material.

    You should be:
    -- In epics good enough for Hyjal / BT. This is not a SSC / TK guild.
    --A player who is serious enough to prepare properly for raids, by means of flasks, 2potions, food buff sharpening stones, mana oils ect...
    -Be on time
    -Attend 5/6 raids per week
    -Prepare properly for encounters such as watching videos and reading up on them.
    -KNOW HOW TO PLAY YOUR CLASS...we are not going to hold your hand and tell you how to play.

    Who to Contact:
    Guildmaster : Lorelye
    Officers: Alphadivina, Ragemachinee, Stolos

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    Exclamation (A) EvilBunnyKillas - Emerald Dream EU is recruiting Social Raiders

    Guild Name: EvilBunnyKillas
    Server: EU - Emerald Dream (alliance side)

    Are you a socially hardcore player?
    Evil Bunny Killas may be the guild for you, we are now officially accepting applications for social players and social raiders!

    Who is EBK?
    We are a social guild formed of mostly extremely experienced IRL friends who play daily together. We are all over the age of 25 and come from all over europe (I am american AND a chick!) Originally, we formed the guild for fun to level our alts and new characters together. (We even have hot gamer chicks!) Some of us recently moved our mains back to EBK to be able to play together socially again.

    How did we get our name?
    Well honestly a few of us were playing on a friday night, late friday night, and killed some rabbits around stormwind (silly things happen when you're playing with friends and having a few beers). Since we are socially hardcore players, we thought, to start a guild with a fun name - who needs a latin guild name anyway??!?! This is a game after all! We needed a name that would terrify those evil horde in pvp... ok maybe not terrify them.. but intimidate them! But we wanted to have as much fun in the name as we have fun in the game every day We don't take things too seriously, we love to have fun together. Evil Bunny Killas was formed!

    What about a tabard?
    Yes we have a cool tabard, its supercool actually. Forget skulls and bones, we started off with a PINK tabard with white bunny and white trim. It was ftw and we were trendsetters, just see how many guilds run around with a copy tabard now! We recently changed to a bit of a more manly tabard. Black with GOLD bunny! Its still rockin!

    Guild logo?
    The same went for our guild website. It had to be fun. So an officer made a great logo, a bunny with his head cut off. Yeah we are bunny killas now!

    Why recruiting now?
    Now that we all have one or more than one level 70 toons and enjoy running instances, heroics, and kara weekly, we could use a few more to group on our runs. We're also trying out arenas and pvp and are looking for a few cool people who are fun just like us who are looking for a casually hardcore wow guild to play with. Some of us are almost always leveling new alts also.

    What do we want to do?
    We've mostly all been raiders, in previous raiding guilds.. while we love raids, we want to raid socially and be a part a social guild or as I call it a SocialCore or Casually Hardcore guild ... we are hardcore players who love to play socially together. We are experienced and have run all normal dungeons, heroics (including MGT heroic), kara weekly, daily battlegrounds, and started out with arena recently. We are looking for more people like us to join the ranks of "elmer fudd" or "private bunny".

    EBK requirements?
    We require that you have a lvl 70 character You must be mature and enjoy playing with others, preferably above age 25 but if you are younger and mature we will consider your application. You should already be keyed for all heroics and have some experience with running kara.

    Want to find out more?
    Contact me in game:
    Orangina / EternalSake (guild founder)

    Want to apply right away?
    You can register and apply directly on our forums at or contact me in game!

    To show you a bit more about our guild, here are a few of our recent Kara videos! Enjoy!;.../fileinfo.html

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eighty8Percent View Post
    I vote we make a lvl 19 pvp guild on a server.
    Anyone have any ideas for the server?
    Hostess Factory now recruiting lvl 19 twinks who meet guild requirement's. We are a fun loving guild will to help out with any pvping needs at any time all 470 of us. We are currently on the senjin server.

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    i like this server but i cant warp tio another one.
    any buddy up for an adventure im joining a guild please recrut me im a lv 47 pker
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    Hi,I'm 3mo7okyo -The Mutigaming clan.

    I'm Founder/Leader of CryCerberus (i didn't have time to think of a cool name)

    It's a new clan so it only has 7-8 members right now.

    Trying to Set up a Ventrilo Atm(Money Problem)

    We have few games Supported
    3:SC-Surpreme Commander
    4:Warrock-West and east
    5:WoW-Realm VashJ

    Join here:

    My xfire is : xxcrydevixx-We'll talk.
    My Aim is: darkpredator2 (i don't use it much.)

    The clan req-Very Simple
    1:Sign up on forums
    2:Get on ventrilo.
    3:A mic (not a static one plz)
    4: Xfire (not req but it's good to have)

    Wanna be a alliance?-Pm me on xfire or here.
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    Conspiracy Clan forums:
    Conspiracy leader: 3mo7okyo
    PM me

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    Default Come here!
    You will find wonderful things in this area. Every page every picture is what you want to see .when you feel tired in game .sitting down here .and open this page. Maybe you will find something exciting. Or just an easy click. But l want you could have a try. Remember the logo l mean the coffee. Remember me l mean

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    Default Identity - US - Gorgonnash

    Identity is a small raiding guild looking for a few Core members for more hard-mode Ulduar content. Check out our website for our progression.
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