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Thread: Guild Recruitment - Official post

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    make a lvl 40-70 server on nazjatar pvp

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    ^being that that serious of a guild you should learn how to spell Saturday.

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    Default Void Insurrection (Horde)

    Guild Name: Void Insurrection

    We fight all that would impose tyranny upon our world. Whether Alliance, Horde, scourge, or strange creatures; we will oppose all who fight against our ideals. We live and breathe for justice in an organization that promotes freedom in ones actions.

    Guild Alignment:

    Chaotic Neutral, though their members span many alignment affiliations.

    What we are:

    In character we are a band of members from all walks of life, and many different affiliations (good, neutral, evil... mostly chaotic tacked onto it.). We are a force that defends our territory, helps attack Alliance territory, and have no fear of the battlegrounds.

    Out of character we are a heavy RP-PvP guild. We seek, out of character, to create a happy out of character role playing environment.

    Our mission statement:

    We fight all that would impose tyranny upon our world. Whether Alliance, Horde, scourge, or strange creatures; we will oppose all who fight against our ideals. We live and breathe for justice in an organization that promotes freedom in ones actions. Though our thoughts and actions are our own, we fight together as oneó our unity creativity and difference are the strengths we use to keep the waves of those who impose their discrimination and unbalance upon us. We fight those who harm us, our loved ones, and those who seek to mar our name.

    From ancient evils to new power, we meet our enemies with strength in our swords and a war cry in our throats. We will leave no member behind. Those who band together with us in our actions we will stand by, we will fight shoulder to shoulder with our allies until our obstacles remain nothing but a bloody confusion of what being was before us.

    What we offer:

    World PVP as well as Battlegrounds. We also do not mind, and encourage collaborated efforts in raiding between guilds for fun, and necessary equipment upgrades. We also provide a website, a guild forum, guild bank tabs, tabard, ventrilo, and a ooc channel.

    Our Prerequisites:

    Minimum level allowed in the main guild is 40; the minimum level for a death knight however is 65 (majority of founding and current members are 80, though). Also the need to be heavily involved in role play, have somewhat of a backstory and preferably be involved/interested in PvE or PvP, be it with the Guild or on your own.

    Our Website

    For more information, please contact one of our officers in game: Esmi (you can also find her on Kilara), Calestra, Mordria, Cyanoco (can also be found on Sylvea), or Xurek. Feel free to meet us in game, in character (preferably if you're inquiring but don't feel hesitant to send any out of character whispers for clearer information!).

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    Default Morrigan

    Morrigan is a progression raiding guild
    located on the eu - runetotem server
    horde side

    we raid from 21:00 - 01:00 server time
    sunday to thursday

    our focus is 25 man instances, hard modes and raider achievments

    our website is

    at the moment we are recruting:
    4-5 ranged dps: hunters/mages/warlocks/elemntal shamans/balanace druids
    2 healers, preferbly holy paladin or druid
    protection warrior

    other worthy applications will be discussed.

    keep in mind that we maintain high level of preformence
    which requires from applicants solid knowledge of thier class and the time and will to put effort in maintaining thier character in top shape

    if you require more information or have questions you can contact
    Ryte on runetotem server

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    Default Shpongle Vision

    Hey everyone here to talk about the guild I am in Shpongle Vision!

    It's a nice ALLIANCE guild on the Madoran US server!

    We mainly do leveling and helping lower levels and doing intances.

    Our main mission is to get everyone prepared for the upcoming expansion!

    We might do scheduled raids in the future!

    Our website is !

    Leader's name is Morado.

    Hope people will join because it's a growing guild!

    It has around 150 people currently but a lot will be booted because of inactivity.

    Our rules are simple; we are a kid and family frienldy guild so no swearing in guild chat and just be nice to everyone! Contact me Alitan in game or pretty much anyone in the guild <Shpongle Vision>
    Boost my reputation and the little winged cat will give you a cookie
    "A cultures pride is only based on how it treats it's animals,"~Mahatma Gandhi
    Waiting for:

    Currently playing:

    World of Warcraft!

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    Guild Name:
    Clan Meteoris

    Guild Type:
    25-man Raiding

    Raid Hours:
    5 Nights/week
    Sun- Thurs 7:00pm server to 9: 30 pm server



    Looking for Class:

    Looking for Role:
    Caster DPS

    So, what is Clan Meteoris? We're not your average guild on the Blackhand server. One common misconception is that we're just a hardcore raiding guild, when in fact, we're far from that.

    Clan Meteoris originated from a culmination of friendships in many MMO's over the years, and is for the most part always looking for good help. When WoW started, we were a PVP guild. Now, we're a PVE guild that focuses primarily on end-game raiding content. How far will we go in end-game content? As far as time, skill, and Blizzards mis-tuned encounters will allow us.

    Most of our members are above your average-aged WoW players. While there are some young pups, and some old farts in the guild, most of us are 22-30 years old. Most of us work, or attend school fulltime, and a great number of us are married and some with children. What I'm getting at in here, is that Clan Meteoris isn’t your typical guild of OMGPEWPEW-ers. We'd like to think we're mature and have fun in the game. It isn’t about ourselves and our individual progression, it's always about guild progression as a whole and making sure we can spend our time helping improve everyone.

    We are Currently Seeking The following
    Healers- Priest/Palidin
    Ranged DPS- Mages (Warlocks may also apply)

    What we are looking for in apps:

    High attendance - We are not looking for somebody that can only raid 1 or 2 nights a week. we want someone with 80%+ attendance.... Our current raid schedule is Sunday- Thursday 7 server to 9: 30 server.

    Solid learning curve - Youneed to pick fights up quickly, figure out what youneed to be doing, and accept criticism and figure out what is needed in order to do the best that you can in their position.

    High DPS - again, a lowly geared toon coming in right now isn't helping us, and we want to add some more heavy hitters to our roster. We want folks who currently have a good deal of the current Raids (ICC) gear.

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