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Thread: Chaos War (Sci-Fi Empire/individual RPG)

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    Default Chaos War (Sci-Fi Empire/individual RPG)

    I have been working on rules for a while on an RPG that I originally started back in 2003, and now I've finally finished them. The name of the game is Chaos War, it is set in a pseudo-generic sci-fi universe, and you create a character working for one of three countries. There is a leader to each country, who also controls a character in addition to running his country, and that leader controls government, economic, religious, and military policy, doing anything from building troops, to making speeches, to attacking an enemy. The goal is to create as realistic a simulation of politics as possible while still having the game fun.

    The individual level is also deep, starting you out as a basic grunt as 1 of 4 different classes. You will fight battles for your country, and gain levels, up to a certain point where you go off the beaten path and quest for a unique class of your own, with the possibilities being as vast as you can imagine, and as strange as the Game Master (which would be myself for the time being) can fit in the story line. Items and skills add strategy and fun to the mix, with names and descriptions varying from generic, to skills from MMOs, to pop culture referances, to simple humor.

    The one catch, which will probobly turn you all away, is that it is offsite, as the rules are too big to fit in a single topic like this. It is completely free, and does not require you to do anything more than sign up, and hopefully be active. The link is Here.

    The good news is that since I recently finished polishing the rules, there is still a slot open for leading, the only requirement being that you have the time and commitment to lead well. We welcome all ages and types (though being able to RP is a plus), so peek in, read the rules (they are in the "Announcements and Rules" forum, and you don't need to read the "Leadership 101" topic unless you plan to lead), register, and feel free to ask any questions as needed (PM me on there, or message me on Xfire, my name is Benandorf on both.) I hope to see you there!

    Note to Mods: I don't believe I am breaking any rules. This isn't an advertisement for any personal gain (I will lose a good 2-3 hours a day of freetime once this gets going strong), it is simply another RPG, but one too big to put in a single topic.
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