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Thread: Great online rolpeing game

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    Default Great online rolpeing game

    The Fallen Sword is an online Roleplaying simlar to Runscape, World of Warcraft, everquest. For those who like that type of game, but are a little bored with it, don't like the monthly fee, or just want more. There are currently over 90,000 memebers and growning everyday. I have been playing for a about month now and I find myselve addicted.

    Some of the feature Player versus Player, an auction house, guilds, daily lottery's and One of the really cool things is they have a great response to player suggestion. They are constanly upgrading (at least once a week and with very little downtimes) with new features, creatures, quest and things to do. Plus did I mention one of the best features, its free.

    Any body with any questions, feel free to ask.

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