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Thread: Global/North American ~CABAL Online FAQ~ Read Before Posting Please

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    Arrow ~ALL CABAL Online FAQ~ (Global/North American Supported) Read Before Posting Please

    This FAQ will contain "NO" Ingame Guides, such as Crafts,Monsters etc.

    1.0 ............. What is CABAL Online?
    1.1 ............. CABAL Online Key Features
    1.2 ............. CABAL Online Story Line
    1.3 ............. CABAL Online Versions and Websites
    1.4 ............. CABAL Online Versions Status
    1.5 ............. CABAL Online System Requirements
    1.6 ............. CABAL Online Playable Characters
    1.7 ............. CABAL Online Download Links
    1.8 ............. CABAL Online Other Downloads
    1.9 ............. CABAL Online Misc Information
    2.0 ............. The FAQ Part

    1.0 -What is CABAL Online?-
    CABAL - The New, Stylish Action MMORPG!

    A stylish action MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game), CABAL Online is a 3rd person 3D role playing game which places you in a graphically vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action mixed with hundreds of quests.

    Console gaming meets PC online gaming in an intuitive and user friendly way which removes entry barriers for both first-time gamers and late-starters.
    CABAL Online from ESTsoft builds on over a decade of experience with massive network traffic management to deliver a New-age, Stylish Action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).
    Using a powerful game engine developed in-house, CABAL uses a third-person interface and features brilliant and realistic gameplay. Through crafty coding, the development team has lowered the minimum system requirements so more users can enjoy the groundbreaking MMO.

    1.1 -CABAL Online Key Features-

    'Story Based Cinematic Scenarios and Intricate Plot'

    CABAL's numerous intriguing quests and exhilarating missions weave
    together to form intricate plots that absorb players into the story where
    they become the heroes.

    'Fun & Easy'
    Intuitive and user friendly, CABAL removes entry barriers
    for first-time gamers and late-starters.

    'MMORPG Blends Adventure Intrigue & Arcade Action'
    Time limited dungeons, blazing action scenes, perplexing puzzles and
    traps keep players enthralled in the story and driven to achieve more.

    'Fabulous Graphics are Highly Optimized'

    The ESTsoft gaming graphics engine runs happily on old PCs and graphic cards, while still maintaining high frame rates with ornate characters and villains.

    1.2 -CABAL Online Story Line-
    Long ago, the CABAL cleansed the land with fury and destruction. Amidst the needless devastation, seven great masters of Force Power led the remaining survivors to rebuild.

    Now, almost a thousand years later, the CABAL are puppeteering the evil
    again, breeding a child to be king and once again cleanse the land. It is up to you to face the invaders of Nevareth and uncover the conspiracy behind it...

    1.3 -CABAL Online Versions and Websites-

    Korean(KR) ..........
    Japanese(JP) ..........
    European(EU) ..........
    Chinese(CN) .......... - Please Note. "NOT"
    Taiwanese(TW) ..........
    North American/Global(NA) ..........

    If you live in one of these country, and your own country as it's own CABAL Online Version, your IP will be restricted(Banned) from playing "other" CABAL Online Versions. etc. EU can not play in NA, and NA can not play in EU.

    1.4 -CABAL Online Versions Status-

    Cabal Korean : F2P with Cash Shop
    Cabal Japan : F2P with Cash Shop
    Cabal China : F2P with Cash Shop
    Cabal European : F2P with Cash Shop
    Cabal Taiwan : F2P with Cash Shop
    Cabal Global/NA : in Beta (Final Status Unknown...just wait and see...)

    1.5 -CABAL Online System Requirements-

    1.6 -CABAL Online Playable Characters-

    There are 6 playable characters in CABAL.
    Each character has its own special feature.

    Raw power and devastating attacks “Warrior
    Ambidextrous swords “Blader
    Pure magical Energy “Wizard
    Force strike cleaves through the air “Force Archer
    Force shield protects the faithful “Force Shielder
    Force flames enhance weapons “Force Blader"

    1.7 -CABAL Online Download Links-

    Please make sure you read FAQ Number 1.3 and 1.4 before choosing a link.

    CABAL Online Client download links for each version :

    Official server :

    Official server :
    Test server :

    Official server :

    Taiwan(Traditional Chinese)
    Official server :

    China(Simplified Chinese)
    Official server :

    Global/North America(English)
    Server is still in BETA! When OB Starts links will be added

    1.8 -CABAL Online Other Downloads-

    Full BGM :

    1.9 -CABAL Online Misc Information-

    Cabal Online Age Limit

    Applys to : Cabal Korea, Cabal Japan, Cabal China, Cabal Taiwan. Cabal Euro and Cabal Global/NA are unrated or unknown yet.

    my source :

    Cabal online as been rated for AGE 12+ in Korean on 2007-02-16 by Game Rating Board (
    Game Rating Board(GR is a new game rating company in korea formed on 2006-10-30 and is a new source for unrated games to get their games rated.

    2.0 -The FAQ Part-
    You may post you questions here and it will be answered. But all "Questions" must concern the Global/NA Version of Cabal ONLY.

    Q. How many Beta has Cabal Online had?
    A. 3 Close Beta currently. Open Beta soon.

    Q. When does Open Beta starts?
    A. Could be days,weeks,months. Just make sure you keep up-to date with the website.

    Q. Where can I find Videos of Cabal?
    A. You can either check the all the Official websites, so that you can download the videos. Or you can check YouTube.

    Q. Where can I find Pictures of Cabal?
    A. Check the Official websites.

    Q. Where can i find how to do Quests or read about any other Ingame Guides and Information?
    A. All the Official websites have Guides. For English ones check or

    Q. Whats the website to this game??
    A. Clean you eyes out and read this FAQ/Thread again.

    Q. Why is there a "Virus" inside cabal.exe? Where can i find more info on it?
    Basicly it's not a virus just a cookie tracker for the website log in.

    Q. What are the Cons(Bad) and Pros(Good) of CABAL Online?

    Q. Where did you get your sources?
    A. www.just**** or The Internet.

    Q. can you help me with...
    A. No.

    Q. Asked by Seiyuuki -
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    This was a nice idea good work.

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    gj ^^ thatll help the newcomers.
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    This Should Be stickyed.

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    Very Nice

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    I dunno... Literally 60% of "The FAQ Part" doesn't provide any real information and is overflowing with spite. >.>

    Edit: *Smacks self upside the head.* Oh oops. Sorry, forgot about that. This is OnRPG.

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    that's 120% of a guide right there, the extra 20% from nz's awesome humor additions

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    thanks. that answers alot of questions. this game looks ALOT like 2moons or dekaron.

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    Thumbs down Can't play with my friends in Europe?

    This BITES! I'm in USA and have friends in Europe I want to play game with--they already are playing and enjoying, and now it seems I won't EVER get to play this game with them? >_>

    What's the big deal with having so many servers and not allowing Europe to play with USA??

    By the way...they do think it's a lot of fun--I"m sooo jealous!

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    Default cant wait no longer

    hey guys newbie here but yea this forum brings up two very good questions
    1) wat is taking so long for a company to buy cabal if its so popular and such a visually stunning game so wats the hold up?
    2) why do all the countries have ip blocks wats the point ive played alot of games and seen some harsh stuff but this is uncalled for dont u think i mean nobody from outlying countries may play except for the few privalaged countries
    to find my strenght i searh inside i will find my way i will my strength my power and be reborn in the twilight i left

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