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Thread: Kstylers- Egos Bigger than their Shotties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuzaa-man View Post
    Yeah, but you have actually got used to the guns already, if they change from a sg to say, a rifle or a bazooka, (at first) they can't handle the guns that well.
    That's my point. Every style of play takes time to learn. Most people who spray aren't really Estylers, as they use very little of the moves involved in Estyle.. (Yeah, there are moves.) But It doesn't mean that what they're doing doesn't take time to get good at.

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    Default wtf?

    wtf man you people are stereotyping K-Stylers as self-proclaiming pros that complain but most of you probably were exposed to the noob kstylers who think they're the best but they get beaten by turtlers or something and then say 'turtle noob' (turtles are extremely easy to beat imo).

    I, for one, (character name - Skyxjin IJJI GUNZ) as a kstyler (bf-hs-central), I have no difficulty killing sprayers with dual shotgun (although I usually have 100+ ping due to distance lag) and I'd like to have the opportunity to appeal and say that you shouldn't refer to ALL kstylers when actually referring to those who are cocky and arrogant.

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