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Thread: Roh's D.G. Guide

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    Default Roh's D.G. Guide

    Roh's D.G. Guide
    A very nice guide made by myself to help players in DragonGem.
    DragonGem is very easy, you will learn at a fast pace. A big guide is not needed.

    Game Downtime: 1st of February - Early/Late April.
    You may not play during down time. The website will be open thoe.
    Game going from Beta Test to full release.

    I. Getting money:
    I'm sure you wish to know how to get money, and lots of it.

    A. Selling Items:

    The resale for most items is only 25% of the actual price in a store vendor.
    The best way to sell items at higher price is to open your own player store.
    Due to the fact that the community has died in Dragon Gem English this is hard to do so but its best done when you sleep and leave your store open in an area. DO NOT CHARGE FULL PRICE. The best way to make a sell is not trying to sell your item at the exact or higher buy price. I'd suggest you sell it at a 75% price. Items like low lvl armors should just be sold. Its a waste of time trying to resale them if they are not +'d or have special abilities. That goes the same for lower lvl weapons. I suggest you only start trying to player store armors after they are lvl 20. For weapons id say after lvl 15.

    B. Hunting for Cash:

    The best way to make money is to spend it.
    First off, try to upgrade the main skills you use as attacks. Buy as much health and magic pots as you can. Ready your pots and skills in the quick bar to the lower right of your screen. Hit the + if the quick bar is not showing.
    Go and hunt monsters that are easy to kill, go for anything that is green or yellow. If the green takes to much to kill move on to the next monster in the map. Kill yellows that you can take down easy with skill combos. Heal yourself when you have the right low on your bar. Meaning if your health is 100/200 and your useing a big red pot *100HP heal* that is the right time to heal. Do not heal if your health is 150/200. You will waste time, cash, pots by doing
    so.This goes same for Magic *MP*. After sometime you'll get a good amount of Gold. Do the steps over. Restock your pots, so on so on. When you finally get 1mil. *1,000,000* I suggest you buy a 3 Tier Inventory Bag. Right click it to open your 2 new inventory tabs. II and III can now be used. Stock your pots till they fill tab III. Do the same things over and over and you'll get your money easy as that. Alot of people just try to kill monsters with White. Sure they die in one hit and you get money but its not worth it.

    II. Fast Leveling:

    A. Quests:

    The best way to lvl up quickly is by doing EVERY quest you can do and complete it as fast as you can. To find quests you may do, simply go into your quests window and click the first tab. It will show you the available quests. Try to finish the quests that are open at lvl 10 when your lvl 10. The quests open at lvl 15 at lvl 15. So on so on. Do not do quests that are lvl 10 quests when your higher then lvl 15 and so on. The best re-doable low lvl quest is the Kill the ribbon Dust quest. It is very easy to do and fast.

    B. Monsters:

    Sadly just by killing monsters that are the right lvl will not help you much. As I said in part A. the best way to lvl is by quests. Do not even bother killing monsters if they are not for a quest.

    III. Being Social:

    A. Players and You:

    NO MEANS NO. Stop bothering people if they don't want to party you or give you cash. Most of the time they will get angry and just stalk you and take all your kills. Be wise and mature. Most players in the small DragonGem English community are more then happy to give money to new players. Don't be afraid to ask them for cash help. You might get lucky and earn 3mil at just lvl 1. Only ask them once if they say no. Its ok to keep asking if they do not reply as they may be AFK. Do not steal others kills unless they deserve it. Dont be a butt for nothing. Also, please CAP all that you say so others may read what you say without squinting.

    IV. Items:

    A. Buying Stuff. (*NPC Stores*)

    If you are low on cash do not pre-buy items. Meaning if your lvl 10 do not buy armor and weapons for lvl 15. Most likely you will get them for free as monster drops. Also they may even be better then store buys. Most monster drops have special add ons. If you have alot of cash to spare and pre-buy loads of items then I suggest you store them in a 1,000Gold cost warehouse.

    B. Buying Stuff. (*Player Stores*)

    Be aware of what you buy. Do not get tricked and scammed into buying something for loads more then what its worth. The drop rate for monsters is very high, most of the time if you just wait and kill monsters they will drop tons of stuff for free that you were about to pay so much for. Think about what your buying. Ask yourself If you really need the item, does it help you in any way, are you buying it just 'cuz its *cool*?


    Im sure most of you have seen others with a Tiny Water Hat, a Sombrero, and other hats you cannot buy in NPC stores. Well how the hell do you get them??? They are quest hats, after you do a pretty long quest you'll get it.

    -Tiny Water Hat.
    The Tiny Water Hat is a quest hat. To get such a hat you must complete the woodcutters quest with his lover the dancing angel. In the last part you must kill a boss known as ~The Monkey Bear~. Most people have no clue how you find such a beast. I want you all to have fun and make the game abit hard so I will not give his spawn area to you in this guide but I will give you a tip.

    In monkey Temple. M.B. Territory.

    Ok lol well I did give you the spot but you'll have to travel a few maps in that portal. Get stocked and ready with loads of pots.

    Id use the Tiny Water Hat till oohhhh about lvl 25 or even 30.

    Ok welp thats it for now. I may add more later. Thanks for reading.

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    Gr8 guide lol i read it all
    add me on dragongem ign:jamesusa10 fer my theif lvl 20


    dgsquad forum >_<

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    this guide should get me back up im starting to play this game again !

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    Red face

    kool guide im gonna play when it's going out... (wich is forever...)
    im neji and i pwn you with my perverted Byakugan!!!
    Which character are you test by!
    i dunno how to frikin upload my pic! hhahahha
    playin lunia!!!
    i like potatoes i cannot lie!!!
    who wants some cereal!!!
    i havent watched the simpson's movie!
    i feel funny!!!
    who wants a cookie!!!
    I wish i could fly!!!
    join my guild in lunia "LunaIsTheBoss"!!!

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    GG on bumping a year old thread. GG!!>

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    Default Guide

    Read guide might give it a try but ? Can it run on linux and not windows brothers kids want to play and they have linux

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    its been closed for a really long time

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