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Thread: Anime Web seeking 3d programmers.

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    Default Anime Web seeking 3d programmers.

    Team name:
    Po2 Mob is our team nameThis is not a registered company but a group of people who wish to complete the same game

    Project name:
    Anime Web

    Brief description:
    My new project is called "Anime Web." It will be a 3d online fighter with an animish/chibish look to it. Included will be the arena editor for people to create there own arena's to battle on as well as the ability to import your own characters to use. There will also be a network called Enterstation which will act similar to where you will earn Exp by killing people and loosing exp by dying, so you can level up. You can also purchase new items for characters such as clothes and weapons with in-game money as well as real money so its possible to make some money off this project. You will also be able to look at battle reports on the internet for every game played on the network as well as watch replays of every battle played. Also, there will be guilds/clans included in the game.

    Target aim:

    None. Just name in credits.

    VB or for Editor
    C++ for game

    Talent needed:
    3d programmers.

    Team structure:
    Me - Programmer

    Website: only a forum for now.

    theres a chat room on the forum at or you can contact me on aim or msn

    aim: ninja sim

    Additional Info:


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    I am also seeking a web developer to create the site for anime web. heres what is done so far.

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