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Thread: Connect lost

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    Default Connect lost

    what is up with this game
    there is the SS

    What is N T D

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    it's not up yet i think. they always have problems first day...
    hard work pays off

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    0|Failed to reset the Windows socket.|
    1|Failed to create the directory.|
    2|The game has not been installed.\n Would you like to download and install the game?|
    3|%s %s|
    6|The installed game client version does not match the current version.\n Would you like to update the game client?|
    7|Auto update has failed\n Please download the updated game client and reinstall the game client.|
    8|Unfinished file has been found.\n Would you like to continue downloading the file?|
    9|Log file is either too old or has been damaged.\n The file will be downloaded again.|
    10|Initiating auto update.|
    11|Terminating the connection.|
    12|Downloading Setup program.|
    13|Connecting to the server.|
    14|Please click on the 'start' button from the homepage.|
    15|Due to server error, auto update is currently unavailable.\n Please try connecting again momentarily.|
    16|%1!d! files ( %2!u!Byte) are being updated.|
    17|%1 download (%3!d!/%2!d!)|
    18|Failed to create the file.\n Please check your hard disk space.|
    19|Extracting zip file.|
    20|Failed to extract the file.\n Please check your hard disk space.|
    21|Cannot connect to the download server. (Check server's ID, PW)|
    22|Cannot download the file.(Check server's UPGRADE FILE PATH)|
    23|Cannot open the file.|
    24|Connection Speed: %1!d!cps|
    25|Error in downloaded file has occurred.(FILE SIZE ERROR)|
    26|Click the game start button.|
    27|Error has occurred within the program.\n Please try connecting again.|
    28|Cannot run the game client.\n Please check if the game client has been set correctly.|
    29|Exiting the program.|
    30|Checking version.|
    31|Failed to create the icon.|
    33|Failed to create the socket.|
    34|You have been disconnected from the server.|
    35|Failed to download the file. \n Would you like to download the file from the homepage?|
    36|Failed to connect to the server. \n\n Would you like to visit the homepage?|
    37|The current version of the game does not match the server version. Would you like to run the auto update?|
    38|Program is running at the moment.\n please close the program.\n If the program does not run, please try restarting the computer and try again.|
    39|Failed to create the icon.|
    40|The game does not support the current graphics card.|
    41|Connection to the server is weak.|
    42|Cannot find the exe file.|
    43|Problem has been found in variables.|
    44|Please start the game from the homepage.|
    45|Socket version is too low.|
    What is N T D

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