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Thread: The Rules of War: PvP faction

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    Default The Rules of War: PvP faction

    Greetings and Salutations from the Game Service Team!!
    The following are the basic rules and regulations of the Scions of Fate Faction War.

    The Ultimate Clash of Chaos and Order: Faction War!!

    1. How to Join the Faction War
    -Speak with the Ladies of Riverside and Hill Valley
    -You will be teleported to the Faction War map/zone There is a maximum of 100 participants per side.

    2. How to Qualify for the Faction War
    -3rd Faction War: Must have received the third promotion at level 60.
    -4th Faction War: Must have received the fourth promotion available at 80.

    -During the Second Closed Beta, players will be able to start off with level 70 characters WITH the third promotion. In this way, everyone may participate in the 1st Faction War. If players reach high enough, they may also participate in the 2nd Closed Beta, as that will be available as well.

    3. Player Limit
    -The Order: 100 players Vs The Chaos players
    -In the case that a slot opens up during the faction wars, that slot can be filled by a new player wishing to join.
    -If you are kicked out of the Faction war, you will be teleported to the Marketplace.

    4. Rules of the Faction War
    -By killing a member of the opposite faction, you can earn 1 faction point.
    -By destroying the bronze statues of the opposite faction, you may earn many more faction points.
    (Faction points will be added automatically as the battle progresses.)
    -During the faction war, ally IDs will appear in Blue text while the enemy IDs will appear in red text.
    Next to the ID you should be able to see the faction points that the character has accumulated.
    -You may not use the ¢¯Sprint¢¯ skills upon entering the Faction War zone.
    -Players who have died while battling in the Faction Wars, do not lose Exp.
    Once you have died, you will return to the original spawn point in the Faction War zone (not the village outside of the zone).

    -The amount of points you receive by killing a member of the opposing faction is determined by the level difference between players. In this way you may receive more or less points depending on the level of your adversary.
    While you are able to hit the statues of your own faction, you will only gain points for destroying statues from the other side.

    5. Faction War Times during the Second Closed Beta:

    -Faction War Schedule: (there will be no 2nd Faction War as all testers will start at level 70 with the third promotion.
    -3rd Faction War: After the initial testing on Monday January 22, 2007, we will see how often the Wars can be held. At this point, the estimate is: twice a day.
    -4th Faction War: Once players have reached lvl 80 AND completed the 4th Promotion quest, we will schedule the 4th Faction War
    -Reward Ceremony: Immediately after the Faction War

    6. Faction War Rewards
    -Character Rewards
    a. You may only receive a receipt slip once per kill when it comes to enemy players. In this way, you cannot continually receive vouchers for killing the same player
    b. The player who strikes the killing blow will receive the receipt slip.
    c. By killing players, you may receive an item that you may sell to the npc¢¯s for game money. This item will sell for different values depending on the level difference of the kill. This is the receipt slip.

    You may redeem your receipt slip at any time during or after the Faction War. It will remain in your inventory until you sell the NPCs. You may not trade, store, drop, or shop your receipt slips.

    -Team rewards
    a. In the case of a draw players should return to their faction towns as they will be automatically teleported 2 minutes after the end of the war.
    b. In the case of defeat, the losing faction can either return to their faction town or be automatically teleported 2 minutes after the end of the war.
    c. In the case of a win, there will be an event after the war called the Reward/End Ceremony.
    1. 5 minutes after the end of the war, a boss monster will appear for the winning faction to kill in 20 minutes.
    2. After killing the boss monster (or time running out), the winning faction can either return to their village or be teleported there automatically in 5 minutes time.

    During the Reward Ceremony 10 boss monsters (Steel Kirin/Bronze Kirin) will appear (in random sequences).
    These boss monsters can/will attack with Area of Effect attacks, so please be careful when taking them down.
    For every boss monster kill, a random combination of 20 emeralds and sapphires will drop.

    After 20 minutes, if the boss monsters are not defeated, they will disappear, and the players will return to their faction villages.

    Now that the rules of Faction War have been explained, it is up to our players to decide how the wars are really played. Whether it be to take down opposing members or take down opposing statues, the excitement and heart-pounding PvP is in our players¢¯ hands. We look forward to seeing how Faction Wars evolve in Scions of Fate!!

    Good luck and Good hunting!!

    Pirate bay Background: PvP zone
    Greetings and Salutations from the Game Service Team!
    The following is a basic description of the PvP zone: Pirate Cave

    Watch where you go and who you fight! It¢¯s the PvP zone: Pirate Cave!!

    Pirate Bay Background

    1. Located South of Central Valley, Pirate Bay is essentially built on a large body of water, where there is no faction affiliation.
    2. It is the only zone outside of the faction war zone that allows Player vs. Player combat.
    3. You may purchase the mini-map to Pirate Bay from Physician Hugh in Central Valley.
    4. Because of the combative nature of Pirate Bay (PvP enabled) there is a constant 20% Exp bonus while hunting there.
    5. By traveling south along the river bank in Central Valley, players may access the portal to Pirate Bay.
    6. To attack an opposing faction member, a player must activate his PvP toggle. Without activating the toggle, the player may not attack another player (though he can still receive attacks).

    -The PvP button is located on the bottom left of the User Interface.

    Basics of PvP

    1. PvP is enabled throughout the entire map of Pirate Bay.
    2. You may not party up with players from a different faction, and you may not attack players of the same faction.
    3. Only players who have chosen a faction (2nd Promotion) may participate in Player vs. Player combat in Pirate Bay.
    4. Initially, players will start with 100 Honor. Upon dying from PvP, the loser will receive -5 Honor points. When successfully killing another player, the winner will receive +5 Honor points. Honor will never go below 0.
    5. PvP is still possible at 0 Honor points, and dying at this stage does not bring Honor any lower.
    6. PvP cannot occur between characters with level differences greater than 20.
    (If PvP is possible, the Player ID will appear in red, while if it is not will appear in white.)
    7. As of now, there is no actual in-game effect from raising/lowering honor; however we are continually working on ways to implement that into the game.

    The dungeon of Pirate Bay: Crimson Cave

    1. Description of Crimson Cave

    1. The starting point of Crimson Cave is different depending on the faction. They are not in the same location.
    2. The monsters in Crimson Cave are levels 90+. It is highly recommended that players party up when entering this area.
    3. PvP is not enabled in Crimson Cave.
    4. You can only enter Crimson Cave through Pirate Bay.
    5. You may purchase the map for Crimson Cave from Physician Hugh at Central Valley. It costs 5 million gold.

    We hope players enjoy the Player vs. Player combat enabled in Pirate Bay, and look forward to seeing many players interacting there!

    -Game Service Team.

    I figured you guys might want to know a few things before you get into the fray. Have fun and good luck.

    Hmmmm maybe a Order of Chaos guild. Or Orderlies of Chaos? hmmmm, is that how its spelled? Orderlies?

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    I read the first one on the official site. When did that pirate bay come in? I didn't notice that. Well, an Order vs Chaos sounds interesting. I haven't finished reading that pirate bay yet but i will do when i wake up(maybe now if i'm bothered), consider it is 1 : 32 AM here. Well, thanks for the notification on the second half.

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