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Thread: The Rules of War: PvP faction

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    Default The Rules of War: PvP faction

    [QUOTE]Greetings and Salutations from the Game Service Team!!
    The following are the basic rules and regulations of the Scions of Fate Faction War.

    The Ultimate Clash of Chaos and Order: Faction War!!

    1. How to Join the Faction War
    -Speak with the Ladies of Riverside and Hill Valley
    -You will be teleported to the Faction War map/zone There is a maximum of 100 participants per side.

    2. How to Qualify for the Faction War
    -3rd Faction War: Must have received the third promotion at level 60.
    -4th Faction War: Must have received the fourth promotion available at 80.

    -During the Second Closed Beta, players will be able to start off with level 70 characters WITH the third promotion. In this way, everyone may participate in the 1st Faction War. If

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    I read the first one on the official site. When did that pirate bay come in? I didn't notice that. Well, an Order vs Chaos sounds interesting. I haven't finished reading that pirate bay yet but i will do when i wake up(maybe now if i'm bothered), consider it is 1 : 32 AM here. Well, thanks for the notification on the second half.

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