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Thread: <(--<) Maple Vs Dragongem (>--)>

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    o rly O.o i registered for latale cause i heard it was good "goes and searches video" wait wtf is this is latale looks .... boring..........zzzzzzzz and didn't play it
    Ghost Online was like look at website .... not playing it
    Maple was like yay cool plays for 2 days wow boring .... stupid grind >goes to pserver yay lvls and friends that don't say **** off or your a G*y a** noob leave me alone

    so they all suck as of now.......... maplestory with pvp is unbalanced...... archers would hit so much dmg and so would sins
    mages would die along with warriors
    fav 2d mmorpg right now is ro ...... yes its 2d or at least i classify it as 2d ...
    ok ok its 2.5d at most

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    All 2d scrollers suck , best of them are Maple and LaTale .
    But because of stupid/fagged/"kool" ppl it sucks :C

    i put kool in " " because they are just like any other shit-fagger to me , i wish everyone was kool the right way , w/o doing any cheap shots .

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