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Thread: VCO Guide #1: Planting and Sewing.

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    Default VCO Guide #1: Planting and Sewing.

    Voyage Century Online

    Planting and Sewing

    This guide is written while i am currently playing the game, so its not going to be finished striaght away.

    UPDATE Added more guide for higher levels.

    Chapter 1 - Why Plant?

    Well, to be honest, planting is one of the longest collecting skills there is, especially if you dont have many seeds. You could have 5 seeds, wait the 20 minutes and get only 2 plants. While mining or lumbering you can get 50 or so logs in that 20 minutes. So why plant? Becuase once you build up your empire of seeds, you will be producing around 100 seeds each 20 minutes! And thats just close to the start. Once you become rich with seeds, you have so many once you have finished planting them all the first ones are ready!

    Also, somebodies goto do it, if no body planted, there would be no potions or clothes!

    Planting does pay off at the end, you can sell your plants or sew them/make them into potions. High level ensign clothes sell for hundreds of thousands and even millions of cash!

    You can also build 3 skills at once; planting, sewing and achlemy!

    Chapter 2 - Why Sew?

    Well, since you already have your textiles from planting, why not sew them and increase your sewing level?

    Sewing pays off big time when you get good at it and there is always a demand for clothes.

    One big advantage in sewing is that you dont need to purchase your own clothes, which can cost hundreds of thousands, you can just make them yourself!

    Chapter 3 - Lets Get Into It

    -Planting lvl 1

    Ok so you have ethier created a charactor and want to start planting and sewing to make clothes or you have a charactor and want to start planting and sewing to make clothes, ethier will work fine .

    Ok i am writing this guide as if you are in athens, so if your not GO THERE! :3

    First off we need to learn the planting skill and get our first hoe! Go into the city and to your direct right you'll see the skill master! Double click him, click on planting then hit "Learn" and your done! You should now also have a hoe equiped.

    Ok now lets get some Linen seeds! Now these can sell for around 400-2000 silver coins each, so be wise in who your buying from. I suggest buying around 30-40, if you dont have enough money do some Alliance quests (they pay 20ish K each).

    Now once you have your linen seeds head out of the city into the port, then out of the port into the suburbs. Now to get to the place where you can plant you need to head down that big old road all the way down. You should come to 2 hills, after the first little one turn directly right and you should see a little block of land, then a creek with a bridge leading into the bigger block.

    Go over the bridge. This is where we will plant our crops :3. Start right clicking your seeds in your inventory and then move a little up or sideways and right click again, planting in an orderly fashion and knowing which is the first crop.

    After you have planting all your linen seeds go back to the first crop, click it, and in general chat it should tell you how long before its ripe.

    Repeat untill you are level 11 planting, which shouldnt take long.

    -Planting lvl 11, Sewing lvl 1

    Ok so now you should have i dunno, around 100-200 plants of linen. Time to sew!

    Goto the skill master again and learn Sewing, you should have the sewing kit equiped now.

    While your at the skill master, upgrade your Botany study to level 2. This allows you to plant catnip (non-textile, but we are waiting for Botany study level 3).

    Go into "Commands" and select the sewing icon and put it into your skill bar. Then, press the corresponding F# button to activate it. Now you should be seeing the Sewing interface.

    Go into your inventory and in Item you should see a drawing for Cloth, right click that.

    Now go back to the Sewing interface and click on the second drop down box and select "Level 1 Cloth". Then click Produce down the bottom of the interface. Do this as many times as it lets you before you run out of linen.

    Repeat untill level 16 planting.

    - Planting lvl 16, Sewing lvl 7

    Ok, time to upgrade your planting skill again! Lets go back to the skill master and upgrade your botany study up to level 3. You can now plant Jute! (another textile).

    At around this time you should have 50-60 linen seeds becuase you have found them around your crops, you now want to trade in all of them for jute seeds. It took me 10 minutes to find a willing person to give me 50 jute seeds for 50 linen, but it was worth it.

    Lets go back to the planting site and start planting jute! Now, the first thing you will see will BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT OF YOUR NOSE. Jute gives over 10000 exp PER PLANT.

    After planting your 50 or so, you should have leveled up planting once or twice, which is great.

    Ok, collect the crops and you can replant if you want but when your ready head back to town.

    Now get your cloth level 1 from all that sewing before. Its time to make some clothes. Go to the tailor and get a High Battle Uniform. This gives great exp and is the same requirements for a male vendor uniform.

    Sew as many uniforms as you can, selling/dropping/depositing as you go. You should have leveled up your sewing by quite a bit.

    Continue untill sewing level 11.

    - Sewing level 11, Planting level 20 - 21

    Ok! Time to upgrade your botany study level once more to level 4, unfuantly there is no textiles for level 4 but there will be in level 5!

    With sewing, there is no skill like botany study, so you dont need to spend the cash and upgrade it. Yippe .

    Getting to level 11 sewing is a grand achivement, you are able to sew level 2 cloth AND level 2 clothing.

    The good thing about sewing and planting here is that you know when your getting level 3 crops, unlike logging where you sometimes get lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 3, etc.

    Now, like i was at the time, you might be thinking "Oh noes! i dont have level 2 textiles since i cant grow them, ill have to now fight poor bunnies." Well guess what, your wrong. You can use all that jute you have gathered to produce as much level 2 cloth as it lets you!

    So, turn any of your unsewen jute into level 2 cloth and we are ready to move on.

    Ok, dont worry about getting the level 4 plants since there arent any textiles, so continue to plant jute and sew it into level 2 cloth.

    Once you have quite a large sum of level 2 cloth, buy a High Warrior uniform from the tailor, this should allow you to sew it without needing to buy a clothing rack thingi ma gigi. Each High Warrior uniform gives you 50000+ sewing exp (successful or not), which will absolutly boost your sewing level to another dimension!

    | To NOT be continued --> Sorry, i left VCO But i hope this guide gave you a head start.
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    Good start, this gives great information on planting, which I had actually no idea what it was for.
    I have just started playing and only level 7 weapon fighting. But its great because you can do everything so I might start this soon.

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    And welcome to Voyage online
    my ign is yalabor
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