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i have palyed MH since last x- mas but much has changed in game im a lvl 95 evil mage TA master in 1 of the TOP evil guilds

this game is haveing problems at moment the in game market is a mess i still play only coz the time and effort i have put in so far but i am looking for a new game at moment i cant seem to download WarRock for some resone i had it b 4 but didnt paly for so long now cant get it

we bck to MH it a cool game but needs alot of work i have 5 more lvls to lvl 100 then i think ill quit the game as i am in game ritch and a high lvl we r in the middle of uniteign EVIL faction somthing i have worked hard on doing now my plan is starting to take rute Advercides is the strongest EVIL faction guidl with 2 sister guilds BloodBrothers /EYOF THE DRAGON

Advercides lvl 90- 100+

EOTD lvl 80-90

BB lvl = 49-80

this is set out so that all can play euqually under Advercides protection also ppl same lvl in same guild speed up lvl and gold earning as same lvls can party to lvl also trade equipment with each other and help on quests

if u decide to try this game pm me i DemonXsoul

gl to u all happy gaming
anyways, i got up to like a lvl 89 mage, an then quit, i got relly bored cuz of the bad graphics and stuff..