Feb.6th Maintenance Complete and New Server Come
Voyage Century (free)

MythWar (free)

All servers are back at full operation now. The development team has been hard at work fixing bugs and adding new content to the game. This maintenance includes underneath content:
1. Fixed an issue that some items shows in the shortcut key column.
2. Fixed an issue where unstable client server caused by level 11 ships.
3. Fixed an error on some items’ cooling time.
4. Fixed the error in the bank safekeeping interface.
5. Fixed an issue where the inconvenience to open the treasure map interface.
6. Fixed an issue on interaction interface.
7. Fixed an issue where the words correspond the images on the finding interface.
8. Fixed an issue in the prompt in the civicism minister.
9. Fixed an issue in the name of NPC in Crete sand.
10. Fixed an issue in the place of some text on the interface.
11. Fixed an issue in the button function on Master-Apprentice interface.
12. Fixed the mistakes in some text.
13. Adjust the rewards for some quest.
14. Delete the logo cartoon
15. Add a new item in the item mall, Lucky Brochure.
16. Add the fourth server—James Cook

We are sorry for the overdue new server. However, it finally comes with good news. Stirringly, along with the open of fourth server, a one-week Double Experience Event will be carried on.

Also, we hope you enjoy the new item we have added to the game.

We are determined to provide our players with the best experience possible.