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Thread: Before I start playing....

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    Default Before I start playing....

    I have a few questions
    1. I heard this game is like runescape in lvling is that true?
    2. is there an AH or do I have to have a player stall?
    3. would anyone be willing to help me out with questions ig?
    4.where would be a good place to start

    thanks for any info you can give me

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    Yes, it is true that the leveling is similar to that of Runescape in have an overall rank which grows as you increase the level of your skills.

    Sorry, but you have to have a player stall.

    There is a tutorial at the start which helps you to begin to understand how to play because the game has a pretty steep learning curve. There are two areas that you can start in, Athens and Alexandria..I personally prefer the latter because there's much more space. Athens is the capital of commerce for the whole game and so starting there may present you with immediate lag.

    I hope that helps.

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    Join a guild, guildmates will gladly help you start!

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