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Thread: Good game?

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    Default Good game?


    I'm new so I have a question if this game is really good fast moving char?...

    I also wonder what's really the difference between Swordsman and Bladesman?...

    Which atk faster?...is there any char here who uses double weap?...'cause I like fast moving char...



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    Well I think the game might be good but its suck!
    This game way too grind and its really annyoing to level up when your not archer or blade cuse of the dmg of the archers and the defence of the blades...
    I'v quited the game at level 32 with my spear cuse nobody wanted to party me even when they party wasnt was full and they could add me but noooo this game comunity so ***** ****** that they add only archers and healers for the parties so there is no point to play with sword/spear/blade if you dont have Bot system (hack).

    Dont forget that the game got planty of bots and the GM's dont even mind so its make the game more suck.

    Now about the diffrence between blade and sword, sword got faster and higher attack then the blade but way less defence, sword with nice gear (defence gear) can do nice solo but blade can do solo even with suck gear even that his attack low but still both of those jobs got fast attack.

    Good Luck.

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    Scions of Fate (YulGang) = shit

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