ome info about the new pet system, ill try my best to update it. if u also get info about the pets, post here 2.

Four pets: Cat, Hawk, Leopard, Tiger



1 can hv own 2 pet most and 1 pet combat together with u at one time.

for owning a pet, u need to equip the symbol for summoning the pets and finish the required quest. when u summon a pet, the pet can fight together with u, u can decide whether and how to share the exp(when u have a pet, the total exp inc 5%)

pets can lvl up and have three promotion 1st(lv15) 2nd(lv50) 3rd(lv75), the promotion need u finish the relevant quest. when lvl up, pets inc their ability. when promotion, pets r greatly improved(the 3rd inc much more) and change their shape.

the pets can equip four equipments: clothes, hood or foot ring, accessory 1, accessory 2.


Cat: cute pet(popular with female player), high attack accuracy and dodge, and it can inc ur Max HP, the food for cat is very cheap, so u can save alot of money.

Leopard: high speed and its strong in attack and accuracy 2, u can ride it and enjoy the rapid running.

Hawk: high normal attack and skill attack, but low hp and defence, and its the only pet can fly.

Tiger: high hp and defence, meanwhile not weak in attack power, its most expensive and u have to cost much on the pet food, u can ride it 2.


All the pets have loyalty which make effect in their ability and exp they gain. The original loyalty is 100, when the pet dont be feeded on time, loyalty is reduced. when the pets die, the loyalty is highly reduced. if loyalty down to 0, the pet can be summoned, u need cash item to rewake it. when exchange the pets, their loyalty turn into 0

Pets food

feed the pets to keep the loyalty, Cat likes corn, Hawk likes the meat of beastie, Leopard likes the meat of mid-animal, Tiger like the meat of big animal.


rice, no other effect
oat, inc max hp 100, mp 90 (3~5 minutes)
wheat, inc max hp 200, mp 150 (3~5 minutes)

the meat of beastie:

the meat of field mouse, no other effect
the meat of snake, inc max hp 100, mp 90 (3~5 minutes)
the meat of spadger, inc max hp 200, mp 180 (3~5 minutes)

the meat of mid-animal:

the meat of deer, no other effect
the meat of fox, inc max hp 100, mp 75 (3~5 minutes)
the meat of antelope, inc max hp 200, mp 150 (3~5 minutes)

the meat of big animal:

the meat of wild wolf, no other effect
the meat of mossback, inc max hp 100, mp 75 (3~5 minutes)
the meat of boar, inc max hp 200, mp 150 (3~5 minutes)


pets hv combat skill(unique), assistant skill(common), heal skill(common), running skill(leopard, tiger)

original pets dont hv combat skill, the 1st promotion(lv15) learn the 1st combat skill, 2nd promotion learn 2nd and 3rd promotion learn the 3rd.