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    So I'm downloading the client now, the file name is Voyage Century v1.0 Beta Client on Filefront.

    Is this game still in beta?
    If so, will characters be wiped?
    If this client is the Open Beta even though it isnt Open Beta anymore, will my client patch, or am I downloading the wrong client?

    700 kb/s.. client will be done in 30 mins, this game looks interesting.

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    While there is some heated debate on the issue, the official word is that it is still in beta. The debate comes in because they do have an item mall where you pay RL money for special items. Many contend that once they start charging for content, even if the content is optional, it is no longer Beta. The fact remains that many advertised features are not yet implemented, so that would indicate that it is still in Beta. IGG has stated on their official forums that there will not be an account wipe when Beta is finished.
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