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Thread: [Korean] [HOT News] Season 3 "New Character" Update Confirmed

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    Arrow [Korean] [HOT News] Season 3 "New Character" Update Confirmed

    source : Ӽ- -
    i have written this, if u wish to post it somewhere else, atleast credit or link me...which i doubt any of u will do that -.-

    Webzen announced that Mu Online's Season 3 update will happen this year 2007. There will be a whole lot of new items, new maps, new monsters, new skills and of course a new Character. Webzen has been working on this new character for over 3 years. Information about the new character is still unknown at this time. The release date is still unknown, there will be many more updates in the future of MU Online!

    MU Korea update : Q3/Q4 07.
    all over versions is still unknown...but i guess somewhat 2008 lol.
    also the test server will be open for testing purpose....i will of course join the test server with my old mu korea guild members

    2007 Preview
    from :

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    have fun then i recently started the english version again with my old Soul master ^^ he's reborn now :3 btw can you tell me how many times i can reborn??:3

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    oh i know

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