The rules were written by Octavious, an Associate Admin. Three rules were made by Xenonight2, and several more made by FabianN, who also updated the entire rules. Any questions regarding the rules should be sent to a Moderator or an Admin via email or PM.

If you see ANYONE breaking any rule, that will not give you a free pass at flaming them. No matter what the other person does, you don't get a special right to break the rules cause they have.
If you catch someone breaking the rules, no need to post complaining about him breaking the rules, just click on this button:
Fill out the boxes, and a message will be sent to all the moderators of that section, and the first one to see it will clean the message up.

1. Post In The Appropriate Forum
Do not go in the Free MMORPG forum posting about a MMOFPS, and vise versa. Keep topics in the appropriate forum, and if there isn't a forum for what you want to say, put it in General.
Keep in mind the RolePlaying forum is NOT for games. Do not go in there asking for games, or to start a conversation. It is for roleplaying only!
And if you do not know if there is a section for your post, check here:

2. No Flaming
Do not flame any one in any way. Flaming is the act of taunting, yelling, majorly making fun of, etc. And this also includes the flaming of games. You don't need to like a game, but don't flame it just cause you don't like it. I think you all have a good idea on what flaming is. And if somebody breaks a rule or flames another member, that does not suddenly produce a loop-hole where you can flame them.

3. No Spamming
Do not spam up the forums with useless stuff. Such as making a thread titled "I just ate a pickle" and the message "And it was good." All it does is waste bandwidth, and no one cares about your pickle anyway.

4. Account Scamming
This will not be tolerated at all. There has been some people putting up e-mails asking for accounts (to Gunbound for example) to "boost up characters." It's quite obvious that they are just going to steal your account. Do not trust posts like this, and report to a moderator if the problem continues. Also, buying/trading/selling/giving away accounts in any form is not allowed.

5. Korean SSN's
Do not ask for korean social security numbers. I know you want to play them cool korean mmorpg's that you need an ssn for, but that is ID fraud and is very illegal.

6. No Linking/Discussing The Follwing Things
-Pornography (Pornography, in the case that we mention it, includes all textual and visual erotic material. Artistic nudity is not allowed)
-Warez (or obtaining pay programs for free)
-Free Servers For P2P Games
-Roms (we don't care about the "24hr" legal thing. i highly doubt you're going to delete it within 24 hours. we don't want it here.)
-Game Hacking
-Anime Downloading
-Illegal music downloading
-Illegal file downloading of any sort

7. No Multiple Posting
Do not post multiple times in a row (making posts one after another in the same topic) just edit your old post or wait for someone else to reply.

8. No Affiliation Links
We do not allow Affiliation links at all. Don't post them.

9. "Free iPods"
Written by Xenonight2
Any topics explaining/giving links on how to get something free (i.e. iPod) are not allowed.
Such as "Fill out this survey" "Refer 5 email addresses" and such on.
Any/all "Get something free for refering" will ALSO be removed.

10. Respect
Written by Xenonight2
Be respectful of your fellow members. Everyone is entitled to voice an opinion, please respect it. If you happen to disagree with it, say so in a mature and adult-like manner. Respect each member's voice. Be respectful of your fellow members, treat them with courtesy and kindness.
If you happen to be mad with a mod or be angry at them, please say so in a respectful manner. Mods are here to help you, so if you have an issue with something on the forum, just ask.

11. Debates
Written by Xenonight2
Debates are serious discussions over serious matters.
This means that no joking, and no flaming are allowed. Please don't post things such as "BUSH IS AN IDIOT" or some such or "ALL GAYS MUST DIE". Joking is absoloutly NOT allowed in debates. They are, as said before, serious matters, that require serious attention. And, don't let the debates to become too personal, or hold a grudge because of a debate. A debate is just a friendly way to argue, so lets keep it friendly.

12. Trading in Games
You may not post trades of game accounts, in-game items for real money, and/or trading an item in one game for an item in another game. You may post normal trades that stay with-in a game with stuff in the game.

13. Old topics.
Do not bring up topics where the last post is older then two weeks.

14. Read the stickys
Make sure before you post something, look at the stickys to see if there is anything about what you want to post about. The stickys can be found at the top of the forum section.

15. Check the FAQ
In the Newbie Zone section, we have a Newbie F.A.Q and other things for the forum that answers some questions you may have. There is also a FAQ about this board's specific functions. (we will soon work on moving the FAQs together)

16. Subject Lines
A thread's subject line must have a clear indication of the thread's topic. A particular example of this is that the subject line of requests or questions must clearly display that it is a question or request. So if you want an awesome game, the subject of your thread should be 'I want an awesome game' instead of 'Awesome game'. Subject lines are meant to increase browsing convenience, so if you are making them into an inconvience than you are misusing the subject lines.

17. Racisim
We do not allow racisim or discrimination of any form at all. Those found being racist either appologize and receive a warning, or get banned.

18. Cross-posting
Posting the same topic in more than one forum is not allowed. This is considered spamming, and can result in warnings, suspensions, or banning. If your topic is legitimate, please find the most appropriate section and post it there only.