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Thread: stats for bladesman??

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    Default stats for bladesman??

    Could someone tell me what to put in for bladesman?? another thing is that i can't get my job advancement quest because it says i have to do some ability thing and im lvl 11

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    This was taken off the scions of fate forums:

    PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:20 am Post subject: Luvi's Bladesman Build/Guide Reply with quote
    as im quitting the game, i thought ill leave something for Bladesmen here and newbies a like.

    this is the best possible build that i can think of, and i wouldnt want it any other way.



    Improve grip: Increase Minimum Attack Power

    * make sure to max this one first

    Burning Wrath: Increase Duration of Rage Mode

    * 10 ability points here, no more no less. long enough and cheap enough, beyond 10 points is just a waste.

    Reflection Wall: Return Received Damage to the Target

    * its a good skill, although only 10 ability points, since you had to split it with burning wrath.

    these 4 next skills will be your bread and butter.
    this is what being a bladesman is all about,
    max them accordingly.

    Armor Crush
    Point Piercing
    Hidden Aftermath
    Iron Skin

    ps. Flowing Blade and Critical Blow seems tempting but i plan ahead, its all good if your not gonna finish your bladesman, or you just like the idea of Criticals and Attack Combos.

    *following this build, your gonna suck really bad at low levels, but it pays good, Ownage good. youlll be required to bring Ginsengs as much as you bring Pots.



    1st Promotion - Bladesman

    Vicious Spiral Strike: get this one at level 10

    Wind Sprint: at level 15, very handy, get it A.S.A.P

    Sword of Treefall: get this one at level 20

    Winds of War: get this one at lvl 30

    * in other words, get all the skills available to you at first promotion. you cant mess up up this one.

    2nd promotion - Elemental Defender

    Cleaving Strike: youll get this one around level 35-37 depending where you trained, i got mine at 35 since i killed low lvl mobs.

    you have to pass the skill Boulder Splitting Slash for level 45 to get:

    Earth Splitting Blow (AOE) level 55
    * for people who dont know, AOE means Area of Effect, aka: Splash damage.

    then youll have these 2 skills..

    Boulder Strike: level 60

    and Celestial blade: level 64

    but most of all --

    Shattering Blade AOE: 68

    its gonna be close, but only put Ki points on to Boulder Strike or Celestial blade if your sure that your Ki points are gonna make it to get Shattering blade at level 68, you dont wanna miss that.

    so after you get your 2 most important skills which are the AOE's
    you can now start gathering Ki for the skills you passed.
    * you have to do this for combo variety since youll have 2 combos by now and the same skills cant be put in the same group of skill combos.

    Sacred Sentinel - Final Promotion

    level 80 skills, your on your own here Wink


    Bladesman leveling Guide

    Key to a good Bladesman is his equipment.
    if you aint that rich and its your first character
    you dont wanna be soloing anytime soon, as your gonna be burning Pots like hell.

    always always look for a healer, what i do is add all of them good healers to my friendlist
    so i always have a healer here or there when i Log on.

    if your new and broke heres how you start off:

    level 1-10

    just follow the quests and youll be alright, they direct you to which monster to get quest items from that suits your level.

    *Note save all your rubies and gems dont upgrade anything at this point.

    level 11-20 after all those bugs and what not finally your a Bladesman

    *Note that all these monsters require a party

    -Wolf/Bear make sure you get that quest from hugh on bears, its good money

    -6 tailed foxes/LumberJacks

    *you get a new armor every 10 levels. around this level you should already have upgraded equipments at least keep it safe, Weapon and Armor enhancement only up to +2, it has a good chance to break after that *

    level 21 - 27

    level 28 - 30
    Bandits/Axe Bandits

    *this is where it gets really slow so you have to step up, after you get
    your level 30 gears head to Riverside, get a ticket from the Physician.

    -Tigers/White Tigers, until you get your 2nd Promotion.

    you will have to do a quest that you have to gather quest items by killing

    Bandits/Tigers/White Tigers/Bears.

    level 35-40: good job, your a Elemental Defender now

    by doing the all the Gold rewatd quests youll have enough money to buy
    a Defenders blade, which costs 1.4 mil by the npc, you can get a clean one around level 1.2 mil

    with decent equips you can already head to Gangsters

    level 40-45

    -Jades (Jade Tower 1st floor)

    level 45-55

    -Jades (Jade Tower 2nd floor)
    -Bamboo Spear maiden (Bamboo forest)

    dedicated to the Noobs confused and spams the forums. Razz
    good luck.

    Blades RULE
    Relax and enjoy life

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