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Thread: The Biggest And Best Games List part 2

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    Default The Biggest And Best Games List part 2

    Welcome to part 2 of the biggest and best games list

    Kicks Online Free to play

    Bots Free to play Free to play

    Vanguard Testing

    Shadowbane Free to play

    Blaze Khan (Khan Online) Free to play

    Return of Reckoning (Warhammer Online) Free to play

    Warhammer 40K: Dark Nexus Arena Early Access

    Toontown Fellowship Free to play

    FusionFall Legacy Development

    Bright Shadow Open beta October 15th

    Star Wars Galaxies Emulator Free to play

    Trickster Free to play

    Spirit Lunia Free to play

    Martial Heroes Open beta testing

    Rusty Hearts Free to play

    Iris Online Free to play

    Survival Project Demo version available

    Legend of Mir 2 Free to play

    Mix Master Beta

    Luna Online Free to play

    Endless Ages Free to play

    Turf Battles In preparation for final alpha server down Closed beta

    DragonBall Online Closed alpha had ended Development

    Anime Saiyan Open beta

    Crowfall Beta sign up

    Hounds The Last Hope Free to play

    Moonrise Early access closing December 31st

    Bloodline Champions Free to play

    Shards Online Funded on Kickstarter testing stage for backers

    Project D Online Buy to play then free to play Official Servers closing December 2015 in Europe and NA but source code released

    Elderlands Closed Beta

    Ashen Empires Free to play

    Dransik Free To Play

    Wander Buy to play

    City of Titans Development

    Heroes and Villains Development

    Valiance Online Open pre-alpha testing

    Outlasting the Dead Development looking for funds for first playable demo

    Triad Wars Open beta

    Deepworld Free to play

    Adventure Time Battle Party Free to play

    Wind of Luck Open Beta

    Pottermore Free to play

    Unturned Early access on Steam

    Arena : Cyber Evolution Early access on Steam

    Lugdunon Pay for early access

    Stash Alpha for backers

    Bleach Online Free to play

    Blue Saga Free to play

    Hex Open beta

    Eminence: Xander's Tale Beta announcement soon

    Polycraft Free to play

    Oort Online Pay for access

    Robocraft Early access on steam

    Gigantic Beta sign up

    Dungeon Fighter Online Free to play

    RPG MO Free to play

    Free Style 2 Street Basketball Free to play

    Minecraft Buy to play then Free To Play free trial available

    Legends Of Hrocka Mag Free to play

    Fairyland Free To Play

    Granado Espada Free to play

    Mo Siang Online Free to play

    Cronous Free to play with cash shop

    Project Visitor Two account types free and pay

    Sociolotron Pay To Play

    Perfect Dark: Source Beta

    Dragon Raja Free to play With cash shop

    Cross Fire Free To Play

    Lost Saga Free to play

    5Street Free to play

    Black Gold Online Free to play or buy a conqueror's edition for extras

    Ministry of War Free to play

    One Piece Online Open beta

    Project Blackout Free to play

    Pangya Free to play

    Talisman Online Free to play

    Soul Order Online Free to play

    Asura Force Free to play

    Dragon Heart Online Free to play

    Football Superstars Free To Play

    Empire Of Sports Free to play pay for extras

    Sea Fight Free to play

    ROBLOX Free to Play pay for extras

    HighStreet5 Free to Play

    BittyBay Free to Play

    SocioTown Open Beta

    Dead Frontier Free to play

    Masters Of Belial Buy to play

    Earthrise Pay for alpha access

    Guns and Robots Free to play

    Paladins Beta sign up available

    Smite Free to play

    Tribes Ascend Free to Play

    The Far Wilds Free To Play

    Wizard 101 Free to play or pay for membership

    Pirate101 Free to play or pay for membership

    Spectromancer Buy to play

    League Of Legends Free to play

    Migo Land Will return soon

    osu Free to play

    TwelveSky 2 Free to play with cash shop

    CrimeCraft Free to play

    Poptropica Free to play or pay for membership

    Teeworlds Free To Play

    Darkwind Free to play

    Gang Garrison 2 Free to play

    EpicDuel Free to play

    Dungeon Party Free To Play with cash shop

    Dogs of War Online Open beta

    Last Chaos Free to play

    Fiesta Free to play with cash shop

    Cultures Online Free to play

    Dino Storm Free to play

    Pirate Galaxy Free to play

    Soul Master Register for closed beta

    Loong Free to play

    Jagged Alliance Online Buy to play

    Otherland Early Access

    Grimlands On kickstarter

    Heroes In the Sky Free to play

    GUNROX Free To Play with cash shop

    Transformice Free To Play

    Kabod Online Free to play with cash shop

    Drakensang Online Free to Play

    Battlestar Galactica Online Free to Play

    Milmo Free to play pay for premium features

    MicroVolts Free to play

    Core Masters Free to play

    Fifa Online 3 Free to play

    M Star Online Free to play

    Point Blank Free to play

    Xsyon Early access

    Core Blaze Development

    Villagers & Heroes Free To Play

    Dragon Oath Free To Play

    Ran Online Free to play
    This games different to any other game.You start of by picking one of three schools each with different strengths and weaknesses then you do missions for that school 6/10

    Jolly Grim Free to play

    Royal Quest Free to play

    Atlas Reactor Sign up for alpha

    Devilian Closed beta sign up

    Trove Free to play

    Rift Free to play

    Defiance Free to play

    ArcheAge Free to play pay for extras

    Civilization Online Development

    Elsword Free to play

    Grand Chase Free to play

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Free to play

    Marvel Heroes Free to play

    The Elder Scrolls Online Buy to play then free to play

    Quake Live Free to play

    Conquer Online Free to play

    Eudemons Online Free to play

    Albion Online Beta (Pay for access)

    City of Steam: Arkadia Free to play

    Dragon Pals Free to play

    Crystal Saga Free to play

    Eternal Saga Open beta

    Lunaria Story Free to play

    League of Angels Free to play

    Rainbow Saga Free to play

    Global Strike Free to play

    Pixel Hero Free to play

    Salem Free to play

    Magic Barrage Free to play

    Dungeonland Free to play pay for extra modes and other extras

    Prime World Free to play

    Stronghold Kingdoms Free to play

    Path of Exile Free to play

    Origins of Malu Early access

    Shores of Hazeron Pay to play

    Dota 2 Free to play

    Dark Age of Camelot 14 day free trial

    Ultima Online 14 Day Free Trial

    Star Wars the Old Republic Free to play pay for extras

    Titanfall Buy to play then free to play

    Command & Conquer Free to play

    Camelot Unchained Alpha testing

    Eldevin Free to play

    Legacy Online Free to play

    Fallen Sword Free to play

    Exile Online Development

    Dark Relic Online Development

    BrowserQuest Free to play

    WarBirds Free To Play world war two flight simulator

    Terra World Online The Nine Realms Free To Play

    Planeshift Free To Play

    Little Fighter 2 Free To Play

    Journey to the West Open beta

    Final Combat Free to play

    Music Man Free to play

    Rise of Incarnates Free to play

    SuperNova Beta sign up

    Gloria Victis Pay to enter the Alpha

    SNOW Closed beta sign up

    Tactical Intervention Free to play

    Crystalshire Development

    War Thunder Free to play

    Star Conflict Free to play

    Force Crisis Free to play

    Dead Island Epidemic Free to play closing October 15th

    Nether Buy to play

    Key 2 Heaven Free to play

    Taern Free to play

    Siege Online Free to play

    Battle for Gea Free to play

    Dinoparc Free to play

    Horse Isle 1 Free to play or sub for extra benefits

    Horse Isle 2 Free to play or sub for extra benefits

    Gangster Nation Free To Play

    ElectroCity Free to play


    Hawken Free to play

    Life is Feudal Early access

    Cronix Online Free to play

    Berserk The Cataclysm Free to play

    Red Stone Free to play

    Asda Global Free to play

    Football Legend Free to play

    Divine Souls Free to play

    Love Beat Free to play

    Stone Cloud Free to play

    Fishing Hero Open beta

    Warframe Free to play

    Arena of Fate Apply for beta

    Dawn of Ascension Development

    Deadbreed Early access on steam

    Absolute Champion Subscribe to beta test

    Project Gorgon Pre alpha test but playable

    Allods Online Free to play with cash shop

    World of Speed Sign up for news and Beta

    Skyforge Open beta

    Armored Warfare Open beta for founders till the 8th then open for all

    Trans-Galactic Tournament Free to play

    Panzar Free to play

    Loadout Free to play

    Evil Genius Online Free to play

    Fairy Tail Online Free to play

    Legend of Edda Free to play

    Metal Reaper Online Free to play

    Shroud of the Avatar Pay for access

    Pantheon Free and paid accounts available

    Everember Free to play

    Planets Pre order and get in testing stages

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 Free to play

    With Your Destiny Free to play

    Hellgate Free to play

    Aika Free To Play with cash shop

    ArcheBlade Free to play

    IMVU Free to play

    Magicka Wizard Wars Free to play

    Doom Warrior Free to play

    Awakening of Heroes Sign up for an alpha key

    Games of Glory Free to play

    Brick Force Free to play

    Dark Throne Free to play

    CyberStrike2 30 Day Free Trial

    Dragon Realms 30 Day Free Trial

    GemStone IV 30 Day Free Trial

    Modus Operandi 30 Day Free Trial

    Alliance Of Heroes 30 Day Free Trial

    Tatsumaki: Land At War Development

    Sylorn Development

    Menewsha Free to play pay for extras

    Imperian Free to play

    Lusternia Free to play

    Achaea Free to play

    Aetolia Free to play

    Elite: Dangerous Buy to play then free to play

    TOME: Immortal Arena Free to play

    SkySaga: Infinite Isles Alpha sign up available

    Black Desert Development

    Reckless Ruckus Free to play

    Waves of time Development

    Fantasy Tales Online Free to play looking for funds on Kickstarter and votes for greenlight

    Victory Command Closed beta

    Kingdom of Loot Open alpha has ended

    Das Tal Pay for access

    Shadowrun Chronicles Buy to play then free to play

    Age of Aincrad Alpha

    Tree of Life Early Access

    Haven & Hearth Pay to play

    Touch Free to play

    Light of Darkness Free to play

    Chaos Online Free to play

    Novus Inceptio Greenlit on Steam

    Dragon of Legends Closed beta sign up available on Square Enix Indie Collective

    Pixel Starships Pay for alpha

    Storm United Early access

    Survarium Free to play

    Trials of Ascension Development

    Heroes of Asgard Development

    Onyx Legion Development

    ARK: Survival Evolved Early access

    Fable Legends Multiplayer beta sign up available Windows 10 only

    Happy Wars Free to play

    Alicia Online Free to play

    Tree of Savior Beta has ended

    Card Hunter Free to play

    Rocket League Buy to play

    Rising Thunder Open alpha

    Crossout Sign up for beta

    Magic Duels Free to play

    Gear Up Free to play

    Wild Terra Early access

    Project Dogmat Development

    Twelve Sky 1 Free to play

    Unreal Tournament Open pre Alpha

    Golden Rush Early Access

    Venus Rising Pay for beta access

    Total War Arena Closed alpha/beta sign up available

    Copyright 2006-2015 Chaoscauser

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    nice work indeed
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    Quote Originally Posted by DneL View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnOwBunZz View Post
    A bit tougher than lego.

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    i love u...

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    Nice nice, part 2 is here

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    Glad u included cronous its an awesome game

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    Question ....

    is knight online realy free i played it and i got like three days then i think u had to buy a bronze gold or silver premium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salvation View Post
    nice work you really spend your time spoiling us xD

    Agreed (That doesn't mean stop spoiling us )
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    Quote Originally Posted by egoodie View Post
    is knight online realy free i played it and i got like three days then i think u had to buy a bronze gold or silver premium
    i heard someone saying it was free. it should be. or they may be greedy enough to make it premium. lmao o_o

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    Another good list. Continue your good job.

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    Talking Seal Online

    Nice work dude with this list the other one helped me soooo much... and guys there is a english seal online being made


    THERE lol!!

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