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    Default pRose Polaris- OnRPG Player's BlackMarket

    Strictly only for OnRPG members, Polaris Server Ch3 Black market style.

    Post all your buys and sells here with a special discounted price for OnRPG'ers- specifically since we're all new to the game. Please have 25+ or more post on OnRPG and I'll be most happy to do bussiness with you.

    I'll start first-

    Cart Offer -
    Quote Originally Posted by Sold to Rikimaru (or however its spelled)
    Full (lousiest model cart set) Lv50-

    Wooden Frame
    Wooden Wheels
    First Engine

    (This does not include the Wooden backseat for your information)
    (This set is also sold at Mildun in Junon Polis)
    (I am selling it at <NPC's Price [less than])
    (You have to be Lv50 to use it)
    (You need driving skill)
    (PM me on forum)
    (PM me ingame)
    (Post here)
    Quote Originally Posted by SOLD
    Clothing offer -
    Dark Senior Look (HP + 300) 158 & 142hp bonus Lv58 requirement No class restriction
    Fancy Blue (HP + 108) 108hp bonus & Attack Speed + 6 Lv35 requirement No class restriction

    Accersories Offer -
    Socket Necklace, Socket Rings, Socket Ear-rings
    BlackMarket Original Price as of 24th April is 30k-80k

    Discounted Price for ONRPG'ers is 25,000 zuly.
    Keep the ball rolling. . .

    My IGN is xKfcKayKayx
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