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Thread: question about dragongem english community

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    Default question about dragongem english community

    juast a short question...
    does dragongem have at least 200,000 english palyers or more?
    if so then ill get it if not then i won't
    if you dunno the answer plz just say that its atleast more than 150,000

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    1. Dragongem isn't out yet for us.
    2. how would anyone know how many players play DG? take a census count?
    3. you aren't going to play the game because there's not 200k people...? very few free mmorpgs have that many active players and even if they do they all can't fit on one server so you are only going to be playing with a set amount anyway. Dragon gem is a decent 2d mmorpg and if they fix the glitches in the game then many will play. Instead of worrying about how many people are going to play, why not start inviting people you know to come join the community? One of the main reasons the dg servers were so empty was because of lack of advertisement (that and gamengame's SSO system got on one to many people's nerves)

    Just play the game, man. If you don't like it because of the gameplay or graphics then that's one thing. it's a free game so there's going to be a lot of people who will try it out and if it's good they will stay and more will come.
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    Definintly not that much.

    BTW thanks for posting 2 times ^_^.

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