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Thread: SHOUT box or most RECENT posts

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    Do you still remeber our old forum had a black box that keeps scrolling downwards and it shows the posts of the most recent posts, we should do that.. and we should also make a shout box for people who need urgent attention shout there and everyone can see it on the main page, can put it just above the menu bar..

    Also, we should give a limit to like 3 minute for every shout to be used, like, when someone uses the shoutbox, another person who needs attention will have to wait for 3 minutes after most of the people have seen the shout by the person who shouted first, than let the person who need attention to shout.. this is quite cool , ive seen it in many forums or pages..

    oh and add this, we could have our very own chat room, that uses java, we could make something like habbohotel just that its a very small room, and theres animated charaters in it, and we talk, just like IMVU, but 2D, i know this is partially impossible, but people who need urgent attention/help immediately can turn to the chat room..
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    I merged your posts. Please use the edit button next time

    Anyway, we need to configure the "lastest post" thing on the front page to read from this database, so right now it is not correctly functioning.

    Now, a shoutbox is an interesting idea...
    One worth some consideration, but don't get to expecting.
    And chatroom, we have tried that many times, it just doesn't get enough traffic. It's empty almost all the time.
    We will try it again when we reach the next level of popularity, but right now, won't be having it.
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