Game Name: Clash Of Empires

Game Description: CoE is an isometric mmorpg with many great features. Incase you arent very familiar with iso games they are 2D games with 3D effects (well at least this one does) look at for a perfect example. Some of the great features in CoE are: our great pvp system, our new aproach to exp distibution and our great new combat style, the arena, beatiful paperdolling, and the most extraordinary part is our story-line (more of a short novel), ect... CoE has just began heavy development so the site is down for constuction however, our forums are very active ( so stop by and make your name known! Name has recently changed from eventide online.


Publisher: 3Kingz Software

Platforms: PC, MAC

Genre: 2D Fantasy

Status: In Development

Forum Link: