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Thread: Hope on DG? I'm starting to lose it...

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    Default Hope on DG? I'm starting to lose it...

    Well, a month and 10 days after the promised finishing, but still not finished. Well, i really doubt it will be done for until 20 or more, dont you guys think they are taking too much time? well, you can try, great game but actually i just dont know why i can't access it (patch problems i hate patch problems bloody patch problems ARGHHH > ). well...
    any suggestions? im taking all, but it really depends ( lol ) well, cya later or in DG or if it depend of dg, i will really say NEVER!

    Sry by my crappy english!!

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    Ha, don't give up on DG yet my friend. It is connected to game&game by the way. It'll be long, but don't worry it'll return. They've been working on it and they aren't going to stop half way and waste all their time.

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    THIS GAME IS LIKE MORE THAN A MONTH OVERDUE ITS LIKE KINGDOM OF HARTS 2 (my faith on dg is waning as quick as maplestory is becoming dumb [wich is fast])
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    Which character are you test by!
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    wow thats as fast as the fat guy down the block ran wen he got out of the crapper and the pizza guy was driving away
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