Hi all,

I'm the community manager for the game "Infinity: The Quest For Earth" thats currently being developed by a small independent team. I'm posting here because the game listing for Infinity on OnRPG.com seems to all be about the game we're developing, but if you follow the forum link from that page it brings you here.

I wondered if you have any opinion about what should be done about this. I've already suggested to the webmaster that perhaps another forum called "Infinity: The Quest For Earth" should be started, but I don't suspect it will be much used as I:TQFE has its own forums elsewhere.

I'm a bit worried that if I:TQFE becomes very popular when released you might start getting people coming in here and confusing things by talking about a completely different game. We still have a year before we're likely to launch a beta though.

If you're interested to find out more about Infinity: The Quest For Earth, visit our home page at www.fl-tw.com

Best Regards,

Rich Woods
Infinity Community Manager
Email: support@fl-tw.com
Website: http://www.fl-tw.com/Infinity