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Thread: IGear Guide.

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    Post IGear Guide.

    -I-Gear Guide to sucess-
    After reading this, you should be able to learn how to use IGear's potential up to the highest.

    -Important Points-
    Using IGear is'nt hard, It has the best attack and agility in the whole game, and it depends on your evasion to evade incoming missles and turrets, The best thing you should do when there are missles, Is to COMPLETETLY DOGDE THEM, by either barrel rolling or boosting away as far as you can.

    Frenzy is the best skill in IGear that makes it perfect, By having it to the 3rd level, you can do double to triple the damage the missle could do itselfs, It also advance the minimum to maximum damage, Once you reach level 20, you get Frenzy through a mission.

    -Basic Stats-
    The main stats on IGear is the attack and agility, always keep them at the same number and/ or miss out just abit, like -5 to -6, or +5 to +6, But try your best to keep them the same, other than that, Increase your spirit and fuel, both should reach 30 when your level 30++, after there. Your fine, but if you think you need more spirit, Add them because you would want to always cast frenzy.

    -Barrel Rolling-
    Barrel-Rolling needs pratice to be perfect, so don't get down if you can't do it good, Just keep praticing, If your barrel rolling fails, than its all up to your evasion and agility, or your boosting power, IGear CANNOT get hit, once they get hit, they probably catch fire.

    To Barrel Roll.

    Left, Left


    Right, Right.

    You can get skills from NPCs, Its not really neccsary, But they are the heart of the game, Its from Skill Shop.

    Skill List

    Name Level Skill's Type

    Fire Shot 9 Buff
    Standard Weapons Buff

    Missile Shot 13 Buff
    Advance Weapons Buff

    Frenzy 20 Buff
    Increase your advance's weapons stats.

    Defense Up 20 Buff
    Defense Buff

    Evasion 20 Buff
    Evasion Buff

    Overbooster 25 Special Move
    Boost away at high speed for about 3-4 sec.

    Move Back Mach 30 Special Move
    Move about 1,000m backwards from your current position.

    Turn-Around 30 Special Move
    Allow you to quicky turn-around to suprise your oponent.

    Hyper-Moving 45 Buff
    Increase your engine's stats.

    -Frenzy Discription-
    Frenzy is the best skill for IGears, At level one and level two of Frenzy, you can only advance the minimum and the maximum damage, but if you get to level three onwards, It does tremendous damage, not only does it do that, it shoots out more than the original number, hence. Doing 2-3 more damage, you can wipe out a BGear,MGear or even AGear by simply using Frenzy and doing 3-4 alloys at them. Depending on their dogde rate and your turn rate, If they hit. Two words. You Win.

    Frenzy Level One
    Player Level : 20
    SP Cost : 20
    Duration : 180 sec
    Recharge : 170 sec
    Effects : +10% Damage with Advance Weapons
    +9 Degrees for Valid Angle

    Frenzy Level Two
    Player Level : 29
    SP Cost : 30
    Duration : 180 sec
    Recharge : 170 sec
    Effects : +14% Damage with Advance Weapons
    +9 Degrees for Valid Angle

    Frenzy Level Three
    Player Level : 38
    SP Cost : 40
    Duration : 180 sec
    Recharge : 170 sec
    Effects : +18% Damage with Advance Weapons
    +9 Degrees for Valid Angle
    +1 Continuous Fire

    Frenzy Level Four
    Player Level : 47
    SP Cost : 50
    Duration : 180 sec
    Recharge : 170 sec
    Effects : +22% Damage with Advance Weapons
    +9 Degrees for Valid Angle
    +1 Continuous Fire

    So you will want to continously activate Frenzy if your gonna do spam missle alloys.

    -Agaisnt BGear-
    BGears are good a bombing, never never never ever go below them, If they're coming towards you with a few metres above your head, quickly face up and boost away RIGHT AWAY! They're Bomb attacks can kill you in one hit since it does more than originally damage if missles, If they attack you with missles, Barrel Roll off them,

    Never ever go near them unless your above them.

    Try long distance, with alloys spammings and it should hit him hard if you had frenzy along with missle shots, Try to activate evasion and defence up because they may save you too.

    -Agaisnt MGear-
    Just get behind them or infront of them and spam alloys with Frenzy.

    End of story.

    But watch out for their cheap heal skill that makes them full hp again.

    -Agaisnt AGear-
    Quickly boost away when the PVP starts, or the Nation War starts, boost away from them such that their range power don't enter you. -Around 800-900 metres. Get near him around 1350-1000 metres, then spam missles at them and move slowly, if you see your radar saying you're 900 metres near the AGear, quickly turn back and boost away, or if your stupid, Boost at him and spam alloys than boost through him and up away, 5 Hits of their AGear standard weapon can wipe out your whole supply of shield, and if your not good at evading, try avioding them as much as possible.

    -Agaisnt IGear-
    This is the hardest since your gonna be agaisnt yourself, Try your best to dogde IGears incoming alloy missles, If you can get as close, The missle should be deactivated from his side, than now its on your own, Standard agaisnt Standard, only one can survive.

    -Agaisnt Mob-
    Mobs are the easiest to fight since they are stupid, They only follow computer scripts made by the original creator, So fighting Mobs is easy, if you're on for it.

    -Agaisnt Ground Mob-
    This one is the hardest, since you'll have to fly around to try and hit it before your m/s expire, and keep continuing this process, and the Mob probably killed you before you could even inflict half the damage, so the best trick is to give as many alloys as possible, and once the mob fires, boost as far as you can, or dodge it and repeat the process.

    -Agaisnt Air Mob-
    Agaisnt standard weapon air mob
    This one is the easiest in the whole air mob thingy, they won't be able to hit you hard because of your evade, so just spam alloys at them and if you're infront of him, boost away and turn back and continue process.
    Agaisnt advanced weapon air mob
    This one is as average, one thing about this is NEVER boost infront of it, Once you do that, It'll send all its alloy agaisnt you, and if the alloys is too heavy for you, You'll catch fire and go down. So one thing you MUST do is, NEVER NEVER EVER GO INFRONT OF AN ADVANCED WEAPON AIR MOB! The easiest trick is to get the slowest engine.
    Agaisnt both standard, and advanced weapon air mob
    Its the same, as long as you stay behind and spam missles, your fine, and if you get near, use your standard agaisnt it. Try your best to not go infront of it, most of the time, these mobs can shoot backwards, so try to barrel roll as random as possible.

    -Good dodging tricks-
    One good thing about IGears, is that some IGears gears have the ability to boost at 500m/s, FASTER THAN A ORIGINAL MISSLE, Missles boost away at 450m/s = edrills, So boosting away should keep yourself safe, but you probably get ks'ed since you'll be 3000m away when you turn around.

    Barrel Rolling can save your life, keep using them untill your level 30.

    At level 25, you should get Overbooster, if your Gear is good, you can overboost at 600m/s, there. EXACTLY NO ADVANCED WEAPON CAN GET YOU HOWEVER FAST YOU ARE. But watch your remaining boosting counts.

    At level 30, you should get Turn around, If your good and when theres alot of missle trying to get you, suddenely turn around and boost off, the missle should have a hard time turning, and if your lucky, their remaining m/s left will expire and they will explode itselfs, not hitting you.

    At level 30, you should get, Move back mach, When theres alot of missle trying to get you, dive right down, boosting off right at the ground, and when your near the ground, look up abit such that your gear is parrellel to the ground. then active Move back mach, and watch all the missles hit the ground before you.

    At level 45, you get Hyper Moving, its self explaintory, just boost. and turn around rapidly and the missles should go crazy then explodes out of expired m/s.

    End of Guide.
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    can you also make a guide for b gears?

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    awsome guide
    r00nscap3 sux!!!!!

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    Dude, I must have messed up all my stats cause i've been overloading all my stats points on Attack Agility and Defense, but mostly Attack. What should I do?

    And runescape does suck.
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    wow this actually helped alot thanks

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