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    Hey all i am new with PT(well actually not MY Friend is lvl 7x and he allowed me to play for a while but i was afride to kill him or destroy somthing so i didn't play much)
    I Just heared PT Going F2P And i was wondering which job i should play with(My friend's a Mage ^_^ kinda liked it but i heared its hard to train them)
    So i would like to have some advices about the Characters and which Characetr advice me to play with
    Thanks In Advance
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    I remembered I had one post on this..

    And I recommend Pikeman.

    mad AOE, mad Evasion, mad 1 on 1 attacks..


    I found it. Made by me.

    There's 8 classes and 2 tribes.

    Tribe 1 : Morion => Consists of Mage, Priestess, Atalanta, and Knight
    Tribe 2 : Tempskron => Consists of Pikeman, Mechanican, Archer, Fighter.

    Each have their own disadvantages/advantages though.

    Mages are spell casters, can AoE, long range but their damage output gets lower at high 90s to 100+.

    Priestess are anti-undead, can heal and AoE ( till 5 monsters I think ), but then their damage..

    Atalantas can wield a shield and throws javalin. High damage, can fight, AoE, high evasion, block and defense rate. They are well-rounded, but rare.

    Knights are also anti-undead ( meaning doing more damage against undead). Another well-rounded class like Atas.

    Pikemans are the most populated and common of all classes. Because they spe******e in 1 on 1 and can AoE well too.

    Fighters.. hmmm nothing to comment.. but they have the highest HP of all classes I think, and wield 2 handed/ or 1 handed axes.

    Mechanicans have the highest absorption in-game, meaning they can tank well =)

    Archers are cool! AoE + high damage + long range. Something like Ata except they can't wield shield.

    Need more in-depths, contact me.
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    Several of us were disconnected this week and got the error "cannot connect to server" and the admins are abysmally slow to fix anything.

    I was in the closed Korean beta and after they banned the US ISPs was invited to the closed Eng Beta...I am pretty interested in the game but after the P2P went into effect I quit paying, the game did not seem worth the cash. F2P is a good deal.

    If only they would let us back in I would make lvl 70....Funny thing is I made a new account and logged in easily. The game has some hard core bugs or I would say it is in my top 10 MMO. I like it!

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