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Thread: what weapon combos to use

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    Default what weapon combos to use

    ..for a trojan.

    Theres a few guides on the player tips section on the site but they always get bad criticism.

    i use two clubs if im leveling myself or plvling but some people say that encourages pkers to come after you since you havent got any ranged magic skills to use in defence.

    i was thinking for general purposes maybe if i stick to sword and a blade, or myabe just two blades because then i'll keep most of the damage and will still have a 0.001% higher chance of surviving against a tao or archer.

    also, for socket weapons and levelling is it better to have dragon gems so you can kill monsters faster, hence getting xp quicker....

    ..or is it better to have loads of gems that give you extra xp from kills?

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    For leveling, killing mobs etc rainbow gems are better, less damage, more damage would mean more kills and the mob spawn rate would then have an increased affect on your leveling speed.

    Of course everything is determined by circumstance though, not everyone has the money lying around for a rainbow gem set for pvm and a dragon gem set for pvp.

    Some combinations i have are Club/Club, both with rainbow gems for pvm 2x clubs are always the no.1 for lvling, if you dont have the money straight away use club/blade i guess (though i do like swords :P) blade for pvp.

    PvP i use club/sword or sword/sword, all with dragon gems naturally, with the club/sword you get SS + the much higher maximum dmg of the club which is further increased by the dragon gems.
    Sword/Sword which is my fave on my main char ages ago, you dont get the same damage as blades :P but phoenix is cool, as far as i can remember a +5 sword is equal or around the same dmg as a +2/3 blade so its not that bad, also have you ever seen a 120+ rb tro try to hit something with blade/blade?
    They usually will always miss, where as with sword/sword you can put all your points into vit and have minimum dex and see no difference, so with sword you get everything id say.

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