1.First of all go to this link,and put in your RuneScape username.

Link: http://www.rsbandb.com/index.php?page=sig

You have different choises of sigs.So choose one and go to the following step.

2.There all of your stats will be displayed.

WARNING: Some stats may be not correct because the stat(s) aren't in the highscores.You can correct those stats.

3.After checking and correcting your stats,press submit.But before you press submit check the question:Is this your signature,if yes proceed.If no retry.

4.Then you will see your result.

Put in the "BBCode" in your account options(Not profile options)
by signature.

Don't forget to put the display signature option on.

Normaly the sig schould work now.

WARNING:You have to update the sig every 3 weeks,or the sig could be banned of the site and not more display on the forum signature.So update it alot.

5.(Optional):Here are some other sites for your runescape stat sig

http://www.runehq.com(login required)
http://www.runeweb.net(Not recommended)

I will search for more stat sig makers.

If you have one and want it displayed,you can always send it to me and I edit this topic as soon as possible.



I hope you learned how to make a stat sig of it.

Onrpg.com member,Yevgeniy