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    Default [Korean] SilentPlot1 Online

    Game Name: SP1 - Silent Plot 1

    Game Description:
    SP1 is a mysteries thriller MMORPG, which involves around the aftermath of WW2 (1990). Playable classes are "Blader", "Hitman" and "Blaster". The Quest Systems have Special Scenario theme in them, and there is a unique "Phone Booth Quest System". Monsters and maps involves around fantasy and zombie type of theme(Silent Hill, Resident Evil) and a few industrial and city/town settings. Overall SP1 is a great new game which players who also likes CABAL Online and such will enjoy.


    Developer: Silver Potion

    Publisher: Nexon

    Language: Korean

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: 3D Horror MMORPG

    Status: Close Beta

    Web Link: or <--- use IE or IE Tab

    Forum Link: <--- videos there.
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