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Thread: ~FAQ/Guide on Foreign Gaming (Please read before posting/asking)~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topek View Post
    It's true that if you want to register on korean mmo you generally have to use IE but in such situation site gives error like "unsupported browser" when using FF/Opera... here, system just says that something is wrong with address... that's why I think it's wierd.
    actually, if you registered with non-IE sites, weird errors do pop up.
    such as, if you insert a valid username with all the appropriate reqs inact,
    it'll keep telling you that the username is invalid, check your username or it won't even respond at all.
    i have yet to have a registration page tell me that the browser
    is the cause of the problems, like you've mentioned x)~

    as much as i hate IE, it's much better using it to register than
    having to restart after inserting all the information and wasting time ,3,~

    first checklist when registering -
    1. IE is being used to register~
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