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Thread: Downloading and Installing Conquer

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    Default Downloading and Installing Conquer


    Client Download Page ~
    Manual Patch Download Page (Manual Patching is Optional) ~

    And away you go.... Having problems? read further.

    This is a small guide i write for rarehunter, this may help some people since alot seem to have problems either downloading, installing or running the game.

    Before hand, Make sure..

    1. Windows is fully updated
    (using newer versions of Windows such as XP will help)
    Windows Update Link ~
    2. Make sure you have the latest DirectX
    (in this time that would be Direct X 9.0c June 2008 for Windows XP/2000/98)
    Go here
    Download "DirectX End-User Runtime"
    Note: If you have Windows Vista you will be using DirectX 10
    3. Make sure you have enough Hard Drive space (At least 2gb)
    4. Make sure you have enough Memory (at least 256MB, 128MB is a bare minimum)
    5. Make sure your processor speed is at least 800mhz.
    6. and lastly make sure you are actually connected to the internet :P

    This guide assumes you have registered for at least one conquer account, and that you are able to follow simple instructions :P

    Downloading & Installing

    1. Download Conquer from here using whichever method you like to wherever you would like.
    Note: All links contain the same client, they are merely different options for you (To make things easier, use a download manager such as FlashGet, copy the link from here into the manager).

    Please visit this page as the links are often changed
    You will have a variety of options, the simplest though maybe not the fastest is to download from Official 1 or Official 2 but that choice is up to you.

    2. Make your way to the place in which you downloaded Conquer to and open it (Double click etc)
    4. The installer will launch and after going through that process the executable will install all the necessary files needed to run Conquer as it should.
    5. After step 4 Conquer should then have installed into the directory "c:\program files\conquer 2.0" (by Default, operating system, hard drive letters and user custmoization can affect this).
    6. And now Conquer is installed ! Yay. There should be a shortcut on your desktop in which you can open to play Conquer 2.0 ! Once you open it, it will start patching which shouldn't take too long hopefully and then will start the game automatically.

    Manual Patching (Optional)

    1. Now using whichever method suites you best, download the patches.

    Patch Download Page:

    Note: Downloading the patche(s) manually always helps as the autopatching server isnt reliable.

    2. Go to where you have downloaded the patche(s) and then place them in your conquer folder ("c:\program files\conquer 2.0" by default or whichever other directory you have chosen) with the method that suites you best, copy/move.
    3. After placing the patche(s) in your conquer folder, procede to execute (open, click, double click etc) the files which should then install the said patche(s).
    13. Once the patche(s) have finished installing Conquer should then begin to run Automatically, proceding into the autopatching process onto the main client.
    Note: Make sure you are connected to the internet and any or all firewall problems are sorted beforehand

    Updated 19/05/06
    Updated 10/06/06
    Updated 03/10/07
    Updated 07/07/08
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