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Thread: Dream of mirror online (JP) - Beginner's Guide

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    Talking Dream of mirror online (JP) - Beginner's Guide

    Dream of Mirror online Basic guide

    register -
    download -
    registration guide -

    Players on Server 2 (onrpg server) -
    Post ur igns here :

    Our official DOMO guild -

    well, ive leeched alot of info from various people and ive decided to gather all the info here so it could help alot of people out. here it goes.

    What stat is what?

    The order are as follows
    str - increases atk power, as well as your combo.
    con - increases HP, and a little bit of defense + attack.
    wis - increases magic power, mp, and mp recovery rate.
    agi - increases atk power also but by a bit only, dodge rate, and skills cool-down.
    hit - accuracy and critical hit rate, even for magic
    end - increases DEF


    First Town with descriptions



    -axe or spear users
    -spears are 2 handed while axes are one handed so you can equip a shield along with it.
    -merc's attacks are slow.
    -mercs have the highest defense among all classes.
    -spearman have aoe and buffing skills so they are great to party with.
    -axeman have nice self-buffing skills.
    -increase agility so that the skills can cool-down faster as you dont want to always rely on your slow attacks.
    -wears heavy armour

    -strongest class in dealing damage.

    -they have skills that can paralyze you,etc or skills based on elements. Pure Wis build is possible.
    -wears light armour

    Occult Master
    -they have single magic attacks.
    -aoe comes in at lv28+
    -magics include fire, ice and water
    -has mp-restoring skills.

    -powerful magic users
    -needs to use 1 or 2 taoist paper each time u cast a magic.
    -has aoe skills at low levels such as 'volcano' and 'double lightning shot'.
    -wears magic robe
    -has mp-restoring skills.
    -has haste skill

    -focuses on healing.
    -has leech life skill (damages opponent and heals it self)
    -wears magic robe
    -doctors are usually pure wis, pure agi, or mix.
    -has mp-restoring skills.

    -they have the highest accuracy
    -Good damage dealers considering their range.
    -have skills that can lower opponent's speed.

    -they are debuffers
    -also can buff, heal, restore mp, etc.
    -have aoe skills at early levels but it sucks.
    -wears robe

    -designed to buff others
    -uses guitars
    -wears robe
    -pet users (only class that can heal pets)

    Kungfu Master
    -can be a bo(pole) or fist user
    -can be long ranged
    -have the highest amount of HP.
    -pure con or agility is a popular built for Kungfu Masters.

    -they are the best dodgers
    -have the ability to steal stuff.
    -Skills that increases ur travelling speed (Haste)
    -has mp-restoring skills.

    Gu Keepers
    -poison users

    Facts about Classes

    From level 1-15, chuck all ur stats onto str so that u can level faster. You can reset your stat points and skill points as long as you're level 15 and below at the guy next to the class changer so dont worry. 2nd option for stat reset, 3rd for skills. Also 3rd of option of class changer gets u a full set for ur class.

    In DOMO, you can be more than just one class but can only play one class at a time on the one character. If u have a merc lv15 and did another job quest to become a saber, ull be a level 10 again with saber's fixed stats. And if u want to change back to merc, ur character would be lv15 just as u left it off before with the same stats.

    Commoner(beginner class) is quite important as you have to change back to this class to up your harvesting skills, etc.

    Every class has an equipment skill so you can basically wear any equipments from different classes. if you equip a weapon, the effect of the weapon is weaken unless you learn the skill to increase its effect. its a level 35 skill.

    You can also transfer skills. The 2ndary skills have a 10% longer cool down, and cost 10% more mp but the price is small to pay.

    Quote Originally Posted by GonKun
    Skills Selection NPC: You might have noticed the npc besides the class changer that you can select skills on. I figured out how it works properly. Here's an exemple of what I did: I changed to the class I wanted, when you change class there's already the skills setting showing up. If you have Tsi's Translation, Click in the class list and go select "Doctor". The, click on the first empty section on the left window, then drag the 1st group of doctor skills on it. You can now use heal with your other class! You can also equip different skills from multiple classes. But you can't level up those added skills, you can only use the skills at the level you raised them with the specific class. Exemple: To use level 2 heal on your other classes, you need a lvl 16 Doctor to upgrade heal to level 2. ^-^
    (havent asked for permission yet but ill take it off if he wont let me use it)

    Relationships based on fate.

    Skills spontaneously popup when your with them.
    couple - healing
    friends - strength
    master and disciple - agility
    relative - ?
    rival - ?

    Right-clicking a player

    The options are as follows:
    Whisper player
    Request friend


    the +X, green is good stats
    blue is maximum stats
    Npc only sells items with normal stats.

    At times, ull recieve a blue ticket-looking item (bank notes) from monsters where if you want to sell it to the npc, ull get 0 gold. So sell it to this guy instead cause he actually exchanges these bank notes for gold.

    He is located just outside of the first city near the entrance. say ur facing towards the battle field, his on to ur right.

    Heavy armour and light armour need ores through mining.
    Clothe needs wood through woodchopping.
    For robes and magic robes, you'll need raising sheep skill.
    Recovery items can be achieved through farming and fishing.
    Soul collecting are for creating weapons of all types.
    everything needs powder, therefore, they are the money makers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vek View Post
    Setting up your own personal shop

    There has been questions to how we open up shops so here it is.

    Go to the options bar located at the bottom right corner and select the option highlighted in the image.

    Once you get the window opened, find the icon highlighted in the image.

    This will then bring up a shop setup, to put items on sale you must drag them into the left column and place your price for the whole set of items. After you've selected all your icons, click on the icon highlighted.

    This will complete the shop and in the next pop up box it brings, you can put your own shop name.
    Recipes -


    Quote Originally Posted by tom26 View Post
    pet quest
    u need to be level 20 first
    1. now from the city- go north
    2. now u are in the map north of the city. in this map there is like a graveyard in the top right corner. go there
    3. go in there, and when u keep walking u will see a stair- before u go down stair. u will see a NPC on your left, it is a guy
    4. talk to him- and u will be teleported into a battle mode. note : everybody must be in the same place- or u wont be warped

    how the quest works
    1. u are given order to protect the pig, it really easy to die D; so becareful.
    2.they will send out zombies about 3 times, if i remember, 4 zombies each times. so...kill it and dont let the pig die.
    3. when u done, go back and talk to same npc, he'll give u a gold coin, thats the pet coin.
    4. now, after u got that. go back in town. go to the pet building, which is located around the armor store. if u walk pass the red mailman box, pass the glove-hat-shoe store, the pet store will be on your left. go in there
    5. click the machine on your left, it will ask u to click the handle to get a pet. it will randomly select a pet for u.
    6. press Ctrl-V to check your pet. it will be in an egg form first. give your pet some exp by sharing your exp, 25%-50%-75%-100%. level it until it reaches lvl10, then go back to the pet store and talk to the girl.
    7. choose the third option to buy an evolution stone- it's like 1000 yuan.
    8. then talk to the girl again and choose first option...or second option? D: try em i forgot lol and your pet will grow D;

    -- note -- : everytime your pet dies, it will cost money to resurrect it. first time is 500,600- and so on.
    pet will not heal itself or restore its MP, u need musician skill to heal and restore your pet's mp, and buff. well some pets have selfbuff - so
    Flying Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Vek View Post
    Well first of all, we need to go to a place which is north of the town. Right at the west end of the map, you'll see a frog king with wings. To defeat this guy, it is advised that you have a big party. (Recommended to have magic or at least good evasion) To defeat this frog boss, you need to plan it all out since he does hit hard for our level.

    After you defeat him, he'll give you green powder. You'll see this in your inventory. Head back to the town square, make sure you are level 15 and then talk to this guy:

    He'll give you the flying sword, in the one of the icon tabs you'll see it as the 2nd icon on the 2nd row:

    Then drag your item, place it into the slot that converts it into a flying item. Go to a place with a ring and it has blue stars coming out and land there.

    To help people with the flying sword quest, here's what the frog king looks like:

    And these are the blue areas that you have to land on to get off your flying sword or item.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vek View Post

    Improving the flying sword's level(speed)

    Once you've obtained your level 0 flying sword off the man, there is a chance for you to upgrade the speed to level 10. To do this, you have to stay around in town. The flying hermit is found flying around in a routine in the main square. This is what she looks like:

    The most adviced place to find her is located in the map of this image.

    When you've done talking to her, she will tell you to go back to the man who gave you the flying sword.

    He will now improve your sword's speed. The maximum speed now is 57 instead of 48.
    Mining Guide

    go to the mining field south of the starting city, the field is located on the lower right corner. After arriving there, you should see 2 npcs. The first guy looks like a buff-looking dude and the other one's a short man. The short one sells pickaxes so click on him and pick the first option.
    -the 1st 2 picks are the same, both lvl 1 but only with a different durability.
    -the last 2 are lvl 2 tool, they are the same with different durability.
    You need to raise ur mining skill (through commoner) to level 2 to use the level 2 tool.
    now, go deeper into the mining field until there is a small mining animation pop up on ur lower left of your screen. (above chatting window). Click on it and a window should pop up, drag the pick (the one u bought) into an empty square on the right window. Click on the window and start mining.

    Other side jobs

    Harvesting skills and others seems to work the same, get the harvesting tool(rod, pick, food, etc.), and use the skills in the designated area (little icon appears over your chat window when you are in area where you can use one of the harvesting skills).

    Other interesting Sites

    -Cash items!
    click on the magnifying glass to see how it looks like on ur character.
    -Official Eng site
    -Jap wiki for DOMO (google translate it )
    -Eng wiki for DOMO
    -Swordman details

    Eng Patch

    Quote Originally Posted by Vek View Post
    Hey guys, for all you DOMO JP players. Here's the new patch to the newest english patch.

    Have fun.

    When you've done the download, open up the RAR file and drag the files into the folder called "Main", when you've done that. Go back to the DOMO folder and change the note file "iniurl.ini" and make sure you get rid of the word script and add in "patch". Save the file and launch the game from their website.

    NOTE: Not all content have been translated, I will be adding new translations step by step.
    As i said, i leeched these infos so ALL credits go to them. This includes Democrates, Vek, tom26, the admin from domo directional guide, and many other onrpgers.

    Please tell me if anything mentioned above is incorrect as im not sure my self and anything u know that i should add. i dun wanna stuff up anyones account lol.

    classes' builds

    even if its easy, 2 descriptive lines would still be great, including coordinates. ^^ thx
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    Bump ^^

    Great Guide

    "Unleash your inner bunny"

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    Oooh... now i dont need to worry about class changing quest Thank you

    how come everything is still in japan even tho i installed that english patch?

    edit: that link to job-quest-guide inst working?
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    hurr durr

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    The english patch is just xml files that are put in it own directory in DOMO/Main/Language/Eng and it changes the Language.ini file in Main. It doesn't work because when you start the game it patches over these files.

    I was able to get around that put then the game doesn't work after you select your character. For now, I dont think there is a way to get them to work.

    I'm actually having a problem with the tiny english font they have set. It's way too small and blocky to read, so I'm completely unable to talk to anyone even if I wanted to ; ;

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    Yeps, the class guides down, and its the one thing I really need out of this . I think I saw one at *******, but I'm not sure ._." you could try it.

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    Here's a link to a different guide, it includes class changing and what not.

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    Well here's another site that has a class changing guide and what not...

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    so thats y i couldnt login and create my chacrter
    it was cuz of the english patch
    ill redownload this after i put up screenshots for Fiesta Online

    (of course its the english )

    (jkz its the korean heheh, i bet the noobs of Onrpg fell for this)

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    i hope it works now. its the job changing quest website.
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    This jp website:
    It should have everything you want to know; try to translate it with google or some other sites. It includes the coordinates for the recipes used in crafting armors (for weapons, you can only buy lvl 10 recipe, for higher level, you have steal them). Hope this helps.

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