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    Quote Originally Posted by SahibX View Post
    nice guide man
    and also
    wat job is everyone?
    and democrate, r u a swordman?cuz i was gna be that, but w/e
    i guess ill be a Kungfu Master then, which mean i gotta put some stats into CON or END
    illl see which one it is
    yeah, I'm a swordman at the moment; for kungfu master I think con is better (the 2nd status from the top), it raises both your hp and def (although the def is not high enough compare to end - the last status).

    And for the thief set, I'll just go ahead and give u the coordinates (hope you can find it).
    The first set (can be wear by commoner also): all five of them are in the town
    coordinates: (x271,y200); (175,249); (158,21 eight); (133,329); (222,121)

    Second set for thief (can be equipped by kungfu master and hunter):
    armor is located in a dungeon on the south map, this is the coordinate after entering the dungeon (88,174); the lower body armor is also inside the dungeon (165,3 eight)

    If you can't find the dungeon or don't want to; you can buy these two recipes from a npc located in the map north of the newbie town for 1k each, his coordinates are (x548,y379).

    The arm, shoes and hat can be found in the north map (scattered around),
    coordinates are (205,597); (653,290); (287,332)

    A note: to create the second set, your alchemy skill must be lvl 5; for the 3rd set, lvl 10; the 4th set, lvl 15. And to get over lvl 10 and reach lvl 15, you have to raise your alchemy skill level when you are a commoner (just like any other harvesting skills). All these credits go to the japanese wiki site I posted earlier; i didn't find anything of these on my own; so a big thanks to them.

    And why I use "eight" instead of number in some cases because when I post the reply, the number eight turned into an icon; so I substiute it with word...
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