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Thread: How is PVP for this game ?

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    Default How is PVP for this game ?

    Yeah, is it good ? is it open to all levels? Wot special pvp events are there ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xairliber View Post
    Yeah, is it good ? is it open to all levels? Wot special pvp events are there ?
    pvp is... is different in this game. Like in somme games they have pk mode, in this ame it has that too. But when you pk others you get things called immortality points or immo for short. The more immo you have the less exp and job points you get, and once your immo is 100 or above you are "bloody" and can be attacked by anyone out side of town. It is even harder to get rid of immo points because your lucky to lose 1 for every figght and hats only if your lucky. I had a friend who spent 4 hours grinding off 400 immo. Once you reach a certain amount of immo youll have a debuff calle wrath lvl 1 which decreases all youur stats by about 30% i think, get more immo then wrath lvl2 which decreases all your stats by 50% i think, then get wrath lvl 3 highest ive ever seen you get all your stas decreased by 80% i think (not too sureabout how much your stats are decrreased by but i kno youll be much weaker than monsters that are usually weaker than you with wrath lvl3 or 2) They have a pkserver too but i not too sure about that. Ive never seen any pk events, they recently added arenaswhere you can invite peiople to fight without a penalty but thats basically all you need to know about pking

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