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Thread: hows the lvling rate in this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by drawfox View Post
    theres like 2 things i dont like about this game, and one is the little stamina system... I really dont understand it much, and it just.... sucks. Really, i would have to sit in a town logged in for like a week for it to get back up to 5000. I thought it went up when you were out of the game, but apparently i was wrong about that. Other thing is the lag, which is a pain when your fighting. Other than that its pretty easy leveling. Found it much better than Flyff.
    Your stamina DOES go up when your logged out... but uber slow... get a tent lol goes WAY faster

    I got like 50 stamina in 6 months of logged out on my cleric so yea o_O
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    o.o im gaia wat job should i be mage or summoner

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    well i didnt level as fast as everyone else seems to have. however i did hit 20 in 2 days. it wasnt bad at all but more important than speed was that it was fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoEater View Post
    The lvling is somewhat easier compared to maplestory.
    Rappelz is a pretty good game.
    Great graphics for a free game
    ,yeah , i agree with you , it really a good game , and i have played it for a long time , and i love it , i often buy gold to buy items to levl my character,
    Rappelz rupees ,i love the good service and the so cheap price,

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