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Thread: how to level up ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaxorax
    hi ! i new here ! i registered rakion yesturday.
    i got on stage 1 rank A
    and in stage 2 rank A.
    and i have 41/70 exp (i am lvl 1 )
    and when i do them again and again nothing changes .
    i dont get no gold and no exp.
    can someone give me tips how to get them?
    and if it's i need to fight others i cant.
    coz it says my connection speed is low.

    help please !

    tenks !
    You have to fight others
    I get that connection speed to slow all the time, just keep trying, you'll get in at some point.

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    once u get a rank on the stages u cant get any bonus from them unless ur next rank is higher than the last ...

    ie u got an A, unless u get an S u wont get any gold or exp

    so basically u need to play against other to get any more exp + gold

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