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    Game Name: Renegade 2689

    Game Description: It's a 2D shooter made by an amateur company. Classes are as follow: Cyborg, Shadow Stalker, Juggernaut, Android, and two other undetermined classes. It's gonna turn out to be a playerworlds type of game, but it's not made in playerworlds. There will be a probable 3-4 guns some of which promise to be very innovative and powerful weapons, yet some can help opponents before killing them. Currently undecided if it will be a MMO or the usual "choose a match and join" game. Also undecided is whether or not it'll be P2P or F2P(in my opinion, considering it's 2D it should be F2P), but they promise if it is P2P it'll be a very low cost. It's also said to release it's beta 2nd-3rd quarter '07. The creator informed me that the full release should be around 1st quarter '08 or sooner.


    Developer: Rage gaming

    Publisher: Rage gaming

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: 2D Shooter

    Status: Possible in 1st quarter '08

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    Forum Link:
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    meh looks pretty cool.
    What? You expect something?

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