I've looked a bit into it from what you've said, and while I still never found any decent tutorials, I think I see what you mean, and why there's no tutorials around for it. Looks like some of the schools use it for a simple introduction to Java, because it's fairly easy to catch on too (basically thinks for you half the time, kinda like VB.) Sounds like it's more hassle than it's worth once you get into anything more advanced though.

I think I'm just going to suck it up and learn real Java. Sounds like it's more practical at the end of the day. I'd honestly never really looked into how the two formats worked in the long run (sounds like HSA doesn't very well)

I'm actually not working on anything at the moment. I managed to pretty well self-teach myself Visual Basic inside and out (no fantastic feat there) a few years ago, and have made a few small games in it previously. But I've never really expanded on my high-school knowledge of Java. I've let my programming lapse at this point in general, and want to get back into it; especially learning Java.

Thanks for the heads up. Got me looking into whether it was even worth bothering with the HSA console...guess not!