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    Game Name: Gunz

    Game Description : This is an MMO action game. The goal of the game is an arena type game that you can use either : Guns,Swords,or Explosives to defeat your enemy. This has a fairly distinctive character creation mode. There are multiple servers and if you make one on 1 server it will be on all servers. There are three 'types' of servers. Quest,Clan War,Match.
    Quest: The quest server is just the general servers. You can play any of the multiple gaming types in here.
    Match: These are generally small channels used mainly for a duel between 2 opponents.
    Clan War: This server's name is practically the definition. This is a big server for clan players only. The rooms are extended in size so that 2 clans can square off.

    Logo :

    Publisher : Ijji (Recently bought it from Maeit)

    Platform : PC, NOT MAC (My bad =D)
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